Tofu Contest!

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Or rather, NAME the Tofu Contest!

But its not just any Tofu~ It’s our very own SOYA bean Tofu Mascot!!! Yup yup~ I’m talking about a Cosplay Event. Not a grandmother’s picnic outing.

With much anticipation, SOYA is coming back again next year and the committee members are actively working their arse off now (I presume xD)!

Do show your support for the event! It’s pretty much the only “For Fans by Fans” event left in our tiny Island =)

Date: 30th January 2010
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic
(Exact location to be released at a later date)

Admission Fee:
$5 (Door)
$3 (

*Ngee Ann Polytechnic students are eligible for $3 tickets if they present their Student Cards at the door.

 MICHAEL GUNDAM Vs ZOMBIESSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I’m sure all who went loved the epicly funny stage performances by the contestants and Emcees as much as I do! For all the Cosplay Events I’ve been to, I pretty much NEVER stay around to catch what’s going on stage. But the witty comments and highly fandom related jokes really made me stick around for more xD


okay okay, I know you guys are bored of random crowd photos. Nah, give you some moe Chiobus and Shotas below.

P1060928 copy 
It’s rare to see such a full chibi team x3. Very cute =3

I want a full team too T_T

Lucky Star!



Milk anyone :D?



Ending off with this because it’s darn cute. Sue Me :P


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