WWCPJ: 6th receiver selected!

You don't know how glad I am to announce this =)

The Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey have finally moved on again! This time, it is Bumbley from Ontario, Canada! Woots! Watch Riko, our lovely 5th participant from Malaysian select the 6th participant below ^_^

Llamas >w< !

Much thanks to Riko for sending out the parcel and being part of this project!

The biggest reason why the parcel stopped over at Malaysia for more than a month was because the first 2 selected recipients went Missing-in-Action and did not respond to Riko’s emails. Poor Riko had to film and upload the selection video 3 times! Quick! Comment and praise Riko for her diligence now!

It is always frustrating and disappointing when such incidents occur, especially when they happen one after another (1st and 2nd try). So let’s pray the subsequent receivers will respond promptly and that the parcel reaches Canada safely!

Just a gentle reminder, the Worldwide Cosplay Photo Journey is still OPEN! To participate, pop over to the WWCPJ page now to leave a comment! The project will end in June 2011.


rita-chan said…
I was expecting this post,

and now i know why its takes so long!

Expecting the next receiver video :)

good luck!!
Jac said…
Yay more power to this project!
Jerry Polence said…
Yey for Riko!^_^ Now I better check if I put down my email correctly at my posts :P Really want to join this one :D
maria_tachi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
maria_tachi said…
Now that I notice that if the comment has numbering, it will definately help the receiver more efficiently as she dont have to count them manually.

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