Dec 15, 2013

中新杯COSPLAY 2012 (Tianjin, China)

I’m sorry it took me forever to get this up , but it’s finally here =)

Last October 2012, I was invited to attend a Cosplay Competition event held in the newly launched Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city 中新生态城. Travelling along with me was the super kawaii Aya_Tenshi! She was the Singapore WCS representative for 2012 and also the Runner Up to the grand finals of World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya Japan 2012.

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 180

As the name implies, It was a wonderful place that was built by the government to cultivate and promote the growth of various industries. One part of the city focus on Animation and henceforth, it was also where the competition was held. The event was organised by Ku6, a local Internet Video Company.

I know I know, you must be thinking “Hey Kaika, isn’t that like an entire YEAR ago?! why are you blogging now???” . I’m sorry I have just been really busy with life and all so much more stuffs. But it’s finally here no Open-mouthed smile?


One of the promo posters. The event invited a lot of cosplayers from all around the world.

I brought 2 costumes, Megurine Luka (Rondo  of the Sun & Moon) and Homura Akemi (PMMM). Unfortunately for me, I accidentally left the blade of my Rondo sword in the plane T_T We asked the Airport staff to help us look for it but they say it’s not in the plane ;_;


As the event was actually more like a TV stage show, there weren’t actually any event booths unlike usual conventions and our assigned activities were basically a cosplay walk on the first day and a performance segment on the second day. It was a rushed trip and we were given pretty late notice henceforth both Aya and myself could only perform singing. I’m embarrassed to say I pretty much screwed both of mine up oTL


Here I am, singing the ending song of PMMM “Magia” bye Kalafina. I was so nervous I screwed up my lyrics big time ;<

It was a really short and rushed trip so I didn’t have the chance to tour Tianjin so I’ll just be sharing with you guys the awesome cosplays I saw there. Have fun!

I remember being SO impressed by all the costumes I saw there! There was a lot of armoured costume and there was a whole group of armoured cosplay group that consists of mainly females. Girl Powar Go xD !! I had the chance to interact with the cosplayers from different country and it was a lot of fun XD

There was even an entire group of Transformers cosplay! unfortunately other than Megatron, I failed to get any photos of the rest T_T

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 231

Minemes and AiNo from South Korean. SUper love them =) We hung out with them the most during the trip and they have such amazing skin >w<!

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 234 
ShiYe from China. She was one of the judges/VIP hehe

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 244

Food was buffet styled and everyone ate together in the canteen.

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 246ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 247

Lunch time!

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 270 
With the very lovable Minemes from South Korea!

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 291

AiNo from South Korea! So bishie la!

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 285

Yuri Inaba from Japan ^_^ She was very energetic and cute ^^ And she gave me a photo book of her cosplay which i’ll be giving away soon!!!

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 293

Akira Konomi from Japan. Probably one of the best Naruto I’ve ever seen *_*

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 303 
with Shiguma Aika from Japan ^_^ I’m trying to grab her boobs here LOL *gets bashed*

Hakuouki Shinsengumi photo montage video



Cospafo website:

The 3 of these Japanese cosplayers are part of a Cosplay Performance group called CosPafo. Remember to check them out ^_^

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 284ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 305ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 306

Camwhore with the Uta-Prince boys xD

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 263
With Lawliet who flew down to join in the fun xD

ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 265


ZhongXingBei(Tianjin) 308

Okay, this blog entry’s a bit messy but hope you guys liked it ^_^


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