Miku Train, Snow Miku Fest & Snow Miku Ice Cubes

I don’t usually blog about these but they are too cool and cute not to >.<! It’s the New Snow Miku Merchandise and the Miku Fest!


The Snow Miku for Sapporo Festival may be over (today’s the last day) but just thought I’ll share some stuffs about the new Snow Miku with minna!


Check out the Snow Miku Train! Those Japanese companies are such hardcore enthusiasts! Really got to hate how left-out they make the rest of us feel =( I wanna go to Japan to see these!!!

The video is way long so skip over to 16:44 to watch the speech and welcome introduction. Featuring the seiyuu/ voice actress of Miku. 

Event preparations for the Miku Fest. Check out the Digital Miku dancing on the reflection of the glass!!!!



Some pictures from WonFest 2011 (http://www.whl4u.jp/)


Jumping to the Snow Miku Figma!


This is the Snow Miku Figma that sells for just 4000JPY (SGD 62) !! It also comes with a little Snowman, some warm clothes and a very adorable set of Ice Tray !



The Snow Miku…yes, Ice Tray xD


Here’s is the frozen product. Made with Tea.


Coffee Jellies! I love how detailed this version came out!


And just in time for Valentines, is the Chocolate version ^_^!
Ice Tray Photo Credit: Good Smile


Because I know you guys will want to know how to get here, so read below.

Yes, sadly, they do not ship out of Japan so you probably have to pull a few strings to get them =\ Damn those Japanese!


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