And so it has come to a point where I think this page is necessary to spare some trouble and answer some questions.

1) Who are you ?

Just a cosplayer who writes. More info here.

2) Why is this blog here?

More info here.

3) Do you make all your costumes yourself ?

Mostly yes =) but I tailor and buy too.

4) Where did you shoot those photos at ?

I've been very generous with plenty of other things in cosplay but I've decided not to share my photoshoot locations online. 

Most of the places just require some google work to know where they are so good luck =)!

5) Where do you buy your wigs ? 

Usually from Taobao or JingBao or from a local store in Singapore. The shop is located at Chinatown, level 3. 

I have also recently been sponsored by http://www.assistcosplay.com/

6) Where do you buy your costumes ?

If I do buy, which is rare, then it's usually from Taobao. I have also reviewed a costume from Miccostumes.

7) Will you make a costume for me ?


8) Are you selling any of your costume's ?

I might be forced to eventually do something about my growing pile of cosplay costumes and props but at the moment, no.

I do sell other miscellaneous stuffs here though so please check it out ^^.

9) Would you be going to -insert event name-? 

It depends =) I try to go to as many events as I can but it also depends on my schedule =)

10) When would you go/ come to -insert country-?

I wish I can visit as soon as possible! But realistically speaking, money does not fall from the sky. Such is life =(.If an event is willing to ship me over then yeah, that would be cool xD

11) Can I send you information about my shop/products/event ?

Well why not? Email me at Elpheal (a) gmail.com

12) Will you talk about my product/ shop on your blog? 

Most likely .... No. Sorry.

Because there is too much discrepancies and fraud online, I don't want any of my readers to be victimised. Neither do I want to be responsible for anything. 

If you want to be assured your product / shop / service gets on to this blog and stays forever ,  it will be via advertorials or special tie ups.You can email me at Elpheal (a) gmail.com for quotation and discussions. 

13) Will you link to my shop as an affiliate?

Sorry no. Currently this blog is not open to affiliating with commercial organisation unless a special agreement that is beneficial to the blog has been agreed upon. 

14) Will you affiliate with my Blog/ Club / Organisation?

That depends on the nature of your blog/club/organisation. If you are representing a non profit club/organization that is closely related to Cosplay then drop me an email and see if we can work anything out ^^

15) If I sponsor you a product from our company, would you advertise for me ?

Thank you for considering that. Depending on the sponsorship, I may or may not blog and advertise your company on the main blog.  But I would definitely talk about the sponsored product on The Cosplay Chronicle's various SNS account (facebook, twitter, deviantart etc). And if it is a cosplay product I can use, I will also mention your company whenever photos of that cosplay (of me) is posted online. 

Sponsoring something that has value or interest to the blogger is highly recommended. Because really, she doesn't need another random - insert item description-. 

16) Why must I pay you to write about my products/ service?

Well you really don't have to, I'm not selling anything here. But if you believe this blog can value add to your business , then by all means =) This blog happens to enjoy quite a bit of eyeball.


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