Amazing Wonder Woman Armour Tutorials!

Wonder Woman the live-action movie faced a lot of skepticism before it came out. From it's director choice to casting of a relatively inexperienced actress, every part of the movie was viewed with contempt.

But the movie totally crushed expectations and quickly proved it's detractors wrong. Wonder Woman went on to garner positive critics and box office success within the first week of release. The box office success was no accident though as Director Patty Jenkins and team undoubtedly invested a tremendous amount of effort (and money!) into bringing Diana to life. The redesigned battle outfit Gal Gadot donned undoubtedly helped new fans take the heroine more seriously - shaking off the somewhat comedic image Wonder Woman used to have.

For Cosplayers dying to cosplay the eponymous heroine, the internet has got your back! Talented individuals all across the world have already uploaded videos and templates from their creative endeavor. All you need to do is get some foam and let your creativity flow! Here are some super useful tutorials I've gathered for you with varying difficulty range!

DIY Wonder Woman Costume by The Sorry Girls:

The Sorry girls are a pair of Canadian Youtubers who uploads all things DIY and creative. In this video, they shared how to make a kickass-y Wonder Woman costume for Halloween.

While the final product celebrates a heavier focus on creativity and fun, the provided template, inexpensive materials and using a ready made corset as a base, made it an easy starter. They also used the least 'professional' equipment and their tutorial can technically be done by anyone with minimal crafting background.


How to make Wonder Woman Cosplay Armor - Wonder Woman Breastplate by CosplayApprentice

Cosplay Apprentice is an amazing Cosplayer that also has Youtube Channel teaching all things costuming. In these two videos on making Wonder Woman's breastplate and skirt, Skyler Ostler goes through the tutorial with detailed steps and specific instructions. He has also created a special guide on cosplaying Wonder Woman that you can download for absolutely free.

Cosplay Apprentice focus on creating high quality costume pieces with cheap materials and minimal tools. Even though the process is still generally laborious, Cosplay Apprentice has managed to make the tutorial easy to understand and follow.



Wonder Woman cosplay breastplate tutorial by Gladzy 

Another amazing Cosplay Youtuber who shares her costuming process on Youtube. Gladzy shows the world how she mixes Worbla with EVA foam to create Wonder Woman's costume. In the second video, Gladzy also showed how she did the boot armor which would give aspiring Wonder Woman cosplayers some idea of where to start.

This is a good tutorial for Cosplayers who would like to make their costumes with Worbla. She uses relatively simple equipment and gives you a general idea of how things can be done.


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