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MOTD: Cure video studio & Shingeki craze in Japan

Randomly found this on facebook and thought it was pretty cool. Introducing Cure Studio; a real-time studio that puts you in a viral world instantly!


From what I gather, it’s a green screen studio with live broadcasting abilities that can either morph the background or screen 3d footage onto the background in real time. This cure studio launches this 30th April in Ikebukuro


Fullscreen capture 1942014 21925 AM.bmp

Website: http://studio.curecos.com/en/


When I was in Japan last week, everywhere you go, you see traces of Shingeki. I had thought that being the mecca of Anime and with the Anime ended so many months back, the SnK hype would have died down in Japan. But nooo, everywhere I go I see traces of it.


BOOK EXPRESS is a Books and Magazine selling chain store in Japan. On the white horizontal banner , it is saying that the newest chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin is out.



I randomly saw this Mikasa Ackerman handkerchief selling at the DFS section within Haneda Airport. Most part of the shop was selling the usual Omiyages (souvenirs) such as Shiro Koibito (it’s a kind of cream cookies), special flavoured Kitkats and other Japanese dessert but this thing was just there at the side of a shelf.

On TV, I saw a variety programme doing a spotlight programme about the series, they even featured cosplayers from another country. I filmed a video of the TV segment, maybe I'll upload it to my travel/personal YouTube channel. Please subscribe to me there to see all my travel vlogs and stuffs ^^


Anyway, apparently they had a Shingeki no Kyojin live screening event at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza. Judging front eh crowd that had gathered, you know the series was a hit.
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Post April’s Fool Giveaway result

I know I was supposed to announce the results last week but I was so busy preparing for Japan, this slipped ^^; If you liked TCC’s facebook page you would have seen my Japan update live xD

Okay! Now for the real result!

Fullscreen capture 1942014 122317 AM.bmp


Fullscreen capture 1942014 122323 AM.bmp

congratulations to Olivia! Thank you for following TheCosplayChronicles and please email me your recipient name and mailing address by 26th April! Please email me before the deadline otherwise I will have no choice but to give these stuffs to someone else ^_^!

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Share! Geeks Giving Gifts

Got a Share Something! today~


So TCC was informed of this Charity fundraising event created by Geeks for Geeks =) Based in the United States, Geeks Giving Gifts is a Fundraising effort to make a positive impact on the less fortunate; all while creating something beautiful at the same time.



Website: http://geeksgivinggifts.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeeksGivingGifts


Geeks Giving Gifts is a fundraising effort comprised of video game professionals, cosplayers, and fans coming together Voltron-style to affect positive change in the world. We are geeks first and foremost, and believe that if we harness even a fraction of the power we put into getting the best speedrun times and collecting every last trinket in all our RPGs, we can make a real difference to those in need.”


The project on focus this time comes in a form of a 12 months Calendar (July 2014 - July 2015). I honestly cannot come up with a better description of the calendar so just see the quote from their website below.




The 11″x17″ calendar is twelve months (July 2014 – June 2015) of the finest geek celebrities and cosplayers doing science while defying the laws of physics. Shot by Greg De Stefano and produced by Strangely Compelling Multimedia, it features genuine geek girls such as LeeAnna Vamp, Chloe Dykstra, Alicia Marie, Cristina Vee, and more like you’ve never seen them before – in zero gravity!

Our inspiration comes from the puzzle-platformer video game, Constant C (Xbox Live Arcade and Steam) from publisher 5pb/Mages. Constant C’s gameplay revolves around physics-based platforming and puzzle solving by manipulating time and gravity. Someone had to invent a way to control time/gravity, and copious amounts of research have concluded that the scientists looked like our calendar girls.

5pb/Mages’ most well-known title is Steins;Gate, a visual novel game turned manga turned anime about time travel, so protagonist Makise Kurisu makes a special appearance in the calendar. ”



The portfolio of the models in this calendar will make you wow too xD






While the calendar itself is not exactly Cosplay, I do find the entire ‘zero-gravity’ concept fascinating. It also gives an interesting twist to the otherwise pretty common Pinup theme




To support their cause and compliment their amazing job, pop over to their website to pre-order one of these calendars now. They sell for just USD $19:90!



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Happy April’s Fool

Happy April's Fool! I hope I punk’d you well with the previous update. *runs*



I’d like to let you know that that was the first ever April's Fool joke I’ve ever really pulled in my life. It started off with me feeling tired of TCC’s current layout and Modus Operandi and desperately wanting a change, an upgrade! So I spend the past few months brainstorming and researching and…. let’s just say I’m not there yet. *sigh* I did however slogged out a new web layout (massively edited from an existing template) and decided to implement the Share Something! feature first.



And before I knew it, 1st of April was coming and I figured that there’s no better time than now to launch the new layout and Share Something! feature. I’ve been harping this since a couple years back but I’m really looking to make TheCosplayChronicles more interactive and engaging with the readers. So if you guys have any comments , requests or feedback, feel free to leave a comment and let me know! I’m also looking to expand Content contributors!


The Giveaway details are on my previous blog. Or you can click this link here.


Very randomly, I just had an internal breakdown and felt so dejected I almost wanted to cry. The new blog template wasn’t working well with TCC’s current setting, Blogspot was being a nuisance and my new template looked horrible. Then I tried to reinstall my previous Shana template and they told me my template backup had error T_T I felt like it was retribution or something T___T


The template still looks buggy and all but it’s near 3am now and I haven’t even bathed! Been doing all these blog stuffs ever since I reached home LOL…. Good Nights guys!

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Post April’s Fool Massive giveaway!

Yes ! Massive giveaway to make up for the April’s Fool Joke.


Neon Genesis Evangelion X Portraits figurine with stand. The figurine in this case features Ayanami Rei in her plugsuit with 2 interchangeable arms.


Cosplay Photo book with Video DVD. Featuring Yuri Inaba as Hatsune Miku. Kindly given by her to you guys!!! <3


Uta Pri cosplay photobook. Cosplays by Aly Ciel Roses and Min Twinklee. I bought this during SMASH2012 for you guys and ….don’t ask me why I’m only giving it away now /_\


SHeryl Nome Cosplay Photo Book & Video DVD. Cosplay by AKIRA from Japan ! She’s very genki and cute and she’s a WCS representative for 2007/2010!


Diabolik Lovers (Chibi form) paper coasters. I got them from ANIMATE when we were invited to their Ikebukuro premise last october as a CoFesta Ambassador. I will try to blog about my animate trip soon!!


STEP 1) To win the merchandise, do either of the below …

* Every single Like/follow/subscribe is counted as one individual entry!

STEP 2) Then come back here to post a comment with either a direct link to show that you are following me, or tell your username so I can search for you. Alternatively, you can submit a screen cap.

* Please make sure to leave one comment for each entry otherwise I will count it as just one entry =)

Giveaway ends on 9th of April and will be announced here. I have decided it’s only fair for the winner to take the effort to check back at the blog instead of having myself chase after them for their address.

If the winner doesn’t reply within the given deadline, the merchandise will be given to a next winner! I will bear SGD5 of the shipping and if there is anymore, the winner will have to pay for it him/herself. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide \^_^/

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Thank You & Farewell! Stopping TCC & Cosplay =(

I started Cosplay and TheCosplayChronicles knowing one day, I will be leaving it. But despite knowing that, I did all I could to bring life to it, work hard for it and love it. Even though i started this journey knowing it will eventually end, I still found it difficult to believe I am actually typing these out now. Ah, such is the queerness and delicateness of the human emotions.

Fullscreen capture 142014 121956 AM.bmp

even my last video must have such an ugly still -_-#

I’m sorry if I’m talking incoherently. I’m really very sleepy and physically tired.

Like I mentioned in my video, this never-ending cycle of To-Do-Lists and late night sleep is really tearing me apart. Once in a while is fine but continuously for 5 years??

Unlike those high profile Youtubers and Bloggers, Youtube and Blogging is NOT my full time job. What that meant is on top of my job, I am producing videos from start to end, blogging , covering events, holding interviews, making costumes, cosplaying and all those other jibber jabbers. However, having a full time job, making videos and writing blogs does not give me any excuses to slack off on other areas in my life. People around me still expect me to fulfil my responsibilities.

I constantly found it difficult to explain to people around me why I’m late, why I’m tired and why I don’t have enough time. Even people in this community found it difficult to understand and empathise with my pain and fatigue. People wonder what’s so difficult about going to an event, take some photos and then write about it. Why is it difficult? It’s difficult because I have to prepare my equipment and myself for the event, go down physically, spend a few hours there (which usually tends to be the useful part of the day ) trying to get as many good shots as I can then spend a few more hours editing the photos, watermarking them and then uploading them. The effort might not be huge but everything adds up and …hey, I only have 24 hours too!

So while I know I’m going to miss TheCosplayChronicles and I feel sorry for abandoning it after putting so much effort to build it up, I’m also relieved to get my life back. In line with my decision, I will be deleting this blog and the youtube channel away. So if you find any blog entry/tutorials/videos useful, save it onto your HDD now!

Also, like I mentioned in the video, I will be quitting cosplay too due to family issues. I will slowly proceed to delete away all my cosplay photos online and if you receive a request from me, please bear with my request ;_;. While it hurts a lot to part with Cosplay, I have decided that it is just a hobby and I should put my family first.

I will still continue to read manga, watch anime and support Japanese pop-culture though =) So the next time you see me at an event, remember to say hi! And even though I’m quitting cosplay, I hope all the friends I made through this hobby will stay with me =\ I won’t cosplay anymore but I can still be your saikang warrior!


J-Obsession 2014 (Photo spam)

Went down to The Cathay yesterday to enjoy the J-Obsession. The turnout was very good this year and the area was literally flooded with people and cosplayers! Here’s some of the cosplayer photos I took ^_^

Time: 28th March - 30th March
Location: The Cathay
Overseas Cosplay Guest:
For the first time ever, J-Obsession will be bringing an overseas cosplay guest. Kirihara Naoya from Japan!
The only photos I have of Kirihara Naoya (guest cosplayer from Japan) is those of her at her signing session @_@; Sorry guys…. but she looked really good in real life =)

Fushigi Yuugi Photoshoot : Suboshi & Amiboshi

Last month, I had the great honour of fulfilling one of my biggest dream shoot. To cosplay as Amiboshi from FushigiYuugi.
Suboshi: Yuanie
Amiboshi: Kaika
Photo: William Thijn

For a dream shoot , it's embarrassingly plain. So plain so plain so plain. But having called myself Kaika for more than a decade, I'd say it means a lot to finally cosplay the character XD Yes, the name 'Kaika' actually came from Fushigi Yuugi and was the adopted name for Amiboshi. Ironically, Amiboshi isn't my favourite character (it's too hard to just select ONE character out of them all!) but I liked him still and I loved the chinese translation of ‘Kaika’. 

Anyway back to the shoot. 

Kyoukai no Kanata : Yakusoku no Kizuna Dance cover

Kuriyama Mirai : Kaika/ Elpheal
Nase Mitsuki : Chiiyo
Video Filming: Lynweh & Haruko
Assistance: Sara
Video editing: Kaika/ Elpheal
So I first watched an episode of Kyoukai no Kanata on TV while I was in Japan as a CoFesta Ambassador. I came back and became a full fledge fan of the series (read my fangirl ramble of the last episode here). Then I saw episode 6 and along with everyone else, died from laughter. Somehow, a friend managed to convince me to do the dance costume with her and … well eventually she couldn’t join us for this shoot, which is pretty disappointing but Chiiyo and I decided to go ahead with it anyway since we were halfway through making our costumes.

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