Jan 27, 2015

Rurouni Kenshin : Trust & Betrayal (Photoshoot 2 )

This is part 2 of the Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal Photoshoot (you can see Part 1 of the photoshoot by clicking here). I flew over to Manila last November to have this magical photo-shoot with Jin and Reskiy.


Yukishiro Tomoe was my very first cosplay and it is a dream come true to re-shoot it again with Jin who’s as big a fan of this couple as me.  I’m sure cosplayers would understand what this mean; it’s one thing to partner with someone who does a good cosplay and another to partner with someone who absolutely loves the series! I always prefer the latter because they always makes the whole journey so much more enjoyable!  It was such a wonderful experience to be able to shoot this series of photos because all 3 of us were big fans of this arc and really wanted to tell the story of Kenshin and Tomoe .


I liked this arc for the sheer fact that it portrayed Kenshin out to be such a normal human; a normal man who falls in love  and would risk all things to save the woman he loves.  I know he did that all the time for Kaoru and other people before this arc but this particular arc just makes him out to be such a lover boy hahahaa. Without further ado, let’s begin the photo .


Himura Battousai/Kenshin: Jin (behindinfinity)
Yukishiro Tomoe: Kaika/ Elpheal







Jan 14, 2015

Naruto : Live Action Musical & The Last Naruto Movie

One of the top 3 reigning  and recently concluded Shounen Jump Manga; NARUTO is going to have a live action play! The play; “ Live Spectacle Naruto” will open in Japan this 21st March and enjoy a Japan tour until 5th April 2015.

Jan 3, 2015

How to make a Curved Cardboard blade

A couple of years back I created a tutorial sharing how to make cosplay swords out of cardboard. That tutorial (video is here click to view!) however, was only able to make straight swords/blade. I recently discovered a way to create curved blades utilizing similar materials and methods. Consider this a level-up Jitsu (technique)! More Video & Photos below!


I made my Lyfa (Suguha) from Sword Art Online’s Sword with this method.




The methods of making a cardboard blade generally stays the same; use a good and hard cardboard, cut to shape, tape the edges up and then insert a wooden dowel as the skeleton.  The only difference here is the use of a curved dressmaking ruler. Instead of using a straight wooden dowel to create the bevel in the middle of the sword, I use a curved dressmaking ruler to bend the cardboard strategically until the entire blade is seamlessly curved.


Jan 1, 2015

Cosplayers @ Comic Fiesta 2014

I attended Comic Fiesta 2014 last year ( which is really just last weekend lol) and had so much fun at the event. You can read up about my Comic Fiesta 2014 event write-up by clicking here. There are photographs of event booths, mascots and cosplayers. But here’s a little Cosplayers-in-motion video to share! Thanks to all the awesome Cosplayers who posed for me, you guys looked great! Keep rockin!






I’m sorry the video quality is so mweh, I only brought my Prosumer camera this time because my suitcase was bursting with 2 costumes. But enjoy!



Dec 31, 2014

What I did in 2014

2014 is one of those years that went by so fast, I only realise it’s end on the very eve of it. Alright, I might have exaggerated my oblivion but darn, this year went by so fast! Looking back, I am still surprised that The Cosplay Chronicles is still here and is running for the last 5 years!


2014cosplay 2


2013 was a year bounded by academics and work obligation while 2014 was a year of enjoyment haha! I’m a little ashamed to admit that 2014 was a year of little  improvements in both life , cosplay and blog >.<; The only thing that improved was my salary , which isn’t too bad I guess xD


Now I’m here with my annual ritual; a summary entry of the things I did in 2014! I find this to be a nice way of recounting my time and efforts in 2014 and hope you guys enjoy it!


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