Jun 29, 2015

How cosplayers look with only items from their closets

I’m sure you’ve seen this Tag going around. It’s a challenge to Cosplayers (Non-cosplayers feel free to join us) to come up with a cosplay using only the things from their wardrobe . However the catch is, you have to cosplay as the first character your followers comment.




The above is my share and challenge request. There wasn’t a “Most popular” comment so I went with ….. the easiest to pull off cosplay =X . A friend is trying to get me to cosplay her too so…

I LOVE ANISONG X SMASH! 2015 (Sydney, Australia)

Australian pop culture fans , rejoice for the Anisong craze has reached your shores! Australia’s very first ever Anime Music Concert aptly named I Love Anisong x SMASH! is set to rock the Sydney stage this August.


Date: 8th August 2015
Duration: 6:45 PM - 10:00 PM (Doors open at 6:00PM)
Venue: Rosehill Gardens Racecourse - Exhibition Hall (Main Stage)
Website: http://www.anisong-tickets.smash.org.au/





For one night only, fans of anime and Japanese pop-culture can look forward to a vivid music concert, taking Japanese pop-culture to a whole new level in Australia.

Jointly organised by SOZO, TWH International and SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show, I LOVE ANISONG X SMASH! concert features a star-studded line-up including J-pop duo GARNiDELiA (Kill la Kill, Irregular at Magic High School, Gundam Reconguista in G, Gunslinger Stratos), DJ Hello Kitty, Vocaloid and anime music producer kz(livetune), and J-pop artist yanaginagi (Waiting in the Summer, Jormungand, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU).

Best-known for their original music and work in various anime series, these artists -- with the exception of kz(livetune) -- will be making their Australian debut at SMASH! 2015.

Jun 27, 2015

CharaExpo 2015 ( Event photo & Coverage)

CharaExpo had it’s virgin run at the Singapore Expo this year .  Organised by the Japanese Collectible Card Games and Trading Cards giant; Bushiroad. CharaExpo boast an extremely impressive list guests which includes Japanese Creators, Singers, Voice Actors, Cosplayers and guess what? Pro Wrestler! Yes, you heard that right. Professional wrestling !


I had a lot of fun at the event yesterday going around all the different booths and hearing The Last Naruto Movie playing in the distance background. Yes, Naruto fans, there was a free screening of the Movie along with the movie “Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova” . I paid $13 to watch it in the theatre but here they were broadcasting it in the Movie Area for free and I really wanted to rewatch it again >.<! Alas lazy Kaika only arrived at Expo around 4pm and couldn’t find time for it.


Anyway, check out the photos I took!





Obligatory shot of the entrance.

Jun 17, 2015

Cosplayer Interview: LennethXVii

I had the  chance and pleasure of interviewing Singaporean Cosplayer LennethXvii when she was a Guest at the STGCC last year (check out upcoming news of STGCC 2015 at their website!). Lenneth was born and raised in Singapore but currently resides in the USA. She has marvelled Anime, Manga and Cosplay fans all around the world with her intricate and handmade costumes. Lenneth is impeccably detailed and spares no expense to present the best and most accurate cosplays of her fandom.

Check out the video interview below or read the transcript further down.

Lenneth’s Deviantart: http://lennethxvii.deviantart.com/

Lenneth’s Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LennethXVIIxMako

三日月宗近 (Mikatsuki Munechika) : Lenneth
Photo by:
Muze's photography and cosplay

Final Fantasy 7 Full remake coming this winter

Yes , you’ve seen the title. Square Enix has finally concurred to the overwhelming fan response (or maybe just running out of new ideas) . The full remake of the classic is coming to Play Station 4.

The remake is produced by Yoshinori Kitase and directed by Tetsuya Nomura.


Official Website:  http://www.jp.square-enix.com/ffvii_remake/ 




Watch the trailer below.

Jun 15, 2015

Funan Anime Matsuri 2015

The Funan Anime Matsuri concluded today at the Funan Digitalife Mall. I must say FAM this year really went all out with their invited guests and programme schedule and that makes for a very  exciting stage event. Not only has FAM invited 9 Cosplay guests, and 2 Illustrators, they have also invited Bless4 !  I’m here to share some event photographs and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Event website: http://funananimematsuri.com/ 


Jun 13, 2015

Gundam docks at Singapore (Photo Gallery)

I blogged about the Gundam docks at Singapore exhibition a while ago and I went down to nabbed some photographs recently. Hope you guys enjoy this!

Official Website: http://gundamdocks.sg/ 


Jun 10, 2015

Anime in Shanghai ( Wen Miao Lu, 文庙路)

Japanese Anime and Manga have long won the hearts of young adults everywhere. So whenever I travel to a new place, I'd make it a point to seek out the Animanga havens for the locals. It is always a nice way to see how different countries accept and propagate the same material.

When I was in Shanghai a while back, I ventured to Wen Miao Lu (文庙路). Wen Miao Lu , is touted as an Animanga street “文庙动漫街”and I decided to spend an afternoon there to experience a little bit of the Animanga culture in Shanghai.
The Street can be accessed with Shanghai Metro Line 8 or Line 10 ,just alight at Lao Xi Men ( 老西门) station. According to some online website, Bus services 11、955、18、23、24、43、218 and 537 will also bring you there. The street is a short 10 minutes walk from the train station. After exiting from the train station, remember to have your GPS or Baidu Map ready to navigate yourself.

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