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International Cosplay Day 2014 (Photo Pimps!)

Anyone feeling the post event syndrome? Not sure if that’s what I had but I’ve been feeling like it’s Friday ever since Monday! Oh gosh imagine the dread!


The International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014 took place last Sunday at *SCAPE. According to the organisers, there were more than 5000 attendees from all areas of the community. I couldn't make it in the morning so i arrived at SCAPE around 2pm, which means i have very limited time ><||.


As i was interviewing Kamui and dat-baka that day, i wanted to show them our Singaporean hospitality by giving them some local snacks! So i gathered together a goodie bag comprising of Moon cake,  Piglet moon cake, Muruku (Indian fried dough & nuts snack) and a bottle of Chinese Herbal Tea. Reckoned it'd be fun to let them have a taste of Singapore haha. The Herbal tea can sooth their (presumably) tired throats and bodies too. I gathered 3 goodie bags for all the guests (Kamui's had double portions so her partner can taste the snacks too!) and they were super heavy.



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What to expect @ International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) 2014

I’m happy to inform TCC’s readers that the event for Cosplayers is back again! International Cosplay Day Singapore organised by The Neo Tokyo Project and Co-presented by SCAPE is happening this weekend!


Event Name: International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS)
Date : 24th August 2014
Venue: *SCAPE, Level 2, 4 & 5
Admission: FREE, $10 (Rare), $50 (Epic) & $100 (Legendary)




The event this year is  supported by a huge range of partners and sponsors and that can only mean good things for the attendees :D Here’s a quick run down of the highlights to get you all psyched up!


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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Merchandise

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the classic Magical girls series; SailorMoon!

The popularity and pervasiveness of the series is unparalleled in the world of Magical Girls Anime. It having been one of the first Shoujo series Anime fans of our generation was exposed to, this "first love" is both unforgettable and impactful.

Needless to say, many young girls found courage and enjoyment from the series and regarded the Sailor Senshis as their friends while growing up. With the celebration of Sailor Moon's 20th anniversary,  a slew of merchandise and even a new anime has been produced to rekindle the flame in every Sailormoon fan!

I have gathered some newly released Sailormoon merchandise in this post for all the sailormoon fans out there. Enjoy! Because seriously, who doesn't love consumerism xD ?



Sailormoon makeup! A range of eyeliners and eye shimmer pens. The price of the product ranges from 900 yen to 1200yen. Pretty average price tag.

Comifest 2014 (Day 2)

I went down to Suntec to check out Comifest today ^_^. Enjoy the photographs!

Event Name: Comifest
Location: Suntec




“ ComiFest is an Animation, Comics and Games (ACG) event that focuses on fun and interactive communication between exhibitors and the public.

It is the only event of its kind in Singapore that features all original creators.
Key focus is given to original content, and seleceted Comixmag artists
and participating artists will be showcasing their original comics and merchandises!

Highlights include:
- “Artist ShowTime” Live art demos
- Stage Performances and Cosplay competition
- Carnival style games developed from local comics titles ”


I arrived very late at the event so I apologise if my photos does not fully portray the event in it’s entirety.

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An evening at Akihabara (Autumn 2014)

Recently, a weird and unexplainable ache for the air in Japan is making me miss the country a lot. So I went back to my archive of Japan Travel photos (which I must say is staggeringly much , trigger happy Vlogger yes -_-;; ) and decided to get back on track with blogging about them.



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World Cosplay Summit 2014

The ultimate Cosplay Competition and internationally renown World Cosplay Summit just sealed it’s performance a few hours ago!

Photo source: https://twitter.com/cosplay_summit/media

Congratulations to Team Russia and the whole Soviet Union for their World Champion crowning! I’m sure the entire nation’s Cosplayers are bouncing around and popping Vodkas now!

Also a big round of applause for Team Italy who walked away as Runner Up, and Team Indonesia  who was close behind as the 2nd Runner Up!


A group photo of all the participating nations at the Nishiki Dori Red Carpet Parade early this day!


World Cosplay Summit have stepped up their game this year and came up with a bunch of fringe awards! How cool’s that!

Best Wig: Spain
Docomo Prize: Korea
Joysound Award: Indonesia
Brother Award: Denmark
Niconico Award: Mexico
Live Dam Award: Italy


Congratulations to all the representatives for their success! Everyone put up a great show and once again, united the world with Cosplay for a day!

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STGCC 2014: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese Seiyuu)

Event Name: Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention 2014
Date: 6 - 7th September 2014
Location: Hall B & C, Level 1, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands

The Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention is happening in around one month’s time , are you ready for it? Anyway, STGCC just announced it’s newest line-up of event guests and it’s gotten the Otakus in the region all hyped up!

What does the below characters have in common?



Yes….. they all have the same…


STGCC 2014 - Tomokazu Sugita - Profile Pic

VOICE ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! It’s Tomokazu Sugita!!!!!


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Makeup Tutorial: Yukishiro Tomoe (Ruruoni Kenshin)

I finally finally finished editing this video! I filmed this in October 2013 when I was in Japan as a CoFesta Ambassador and only got around to finish editing now ^^;


This is a simplistic and reticence makeup look. It emphasises the eyes, gives the look of innocence yet performs well in pictures. it's suitable for characters like Yukishiro Tomoe from Rurouni Kenshin; someone matured, reserved and beautiful.

IMG_8218 edit


The 2nd Rurouni Kenshin movie is coming out next month and I can’t wait to see more of it! Hopefully they will hint of Tomoe’s presence xD



Makeup used:
  1. E.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation
  2. Canmake Concealer
  3. ZA 2 way foundation
  4. The Face Shop LOVELY ME:EX MAKE ME STAR gel liner (Peach Shower)
  5. E.l.f Studio 85-Piece Complete the Look Palette
  6. Dolly Wink black liquid Eyeliner
  7. Top Lashes (random brand)
  8. Bottom Lashes (random brand)
  9. Wrinkle Plus (Super Lip Repair)
  10. Clear pink lip gloss (random Japanese brand)
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Fake lashes + Case Giveaway Result!

If you’ve been following me on TheCosplayChronicle’s Facebook Page, you would have witnessed my obsession with hoarding Fake Lashes.


Anyway, I held a Fake lash giveaway last week for the above lashes and lash case! And I’m here to announce the results!


In the announcement I asked you guys to write in your share status, why I should give the lashes to you. And all of you came up with so much interesting answers that I ended up not being able to make up my mind XDDD

So the winner is eventually chosen randomly with random.org. I have excluded my own share and any participants that took part after the 26th Jul (Asia Pacific time) henceforth the total count is only 46 participants.

Anyway enough blabbering, here is the result !




Congratulations to Dada Yuu for wining the 5 pairs of Fake lashes and the Lash Case! Thank you for supporting the blog and please email me (elpheal[@]gmail [.]com) your mailing address and recipient name asap so I can send them to you ^_^/


I hope you guys don’t feel discouraged, I’m sure there will be more of such giveaways to come!

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