Jun 14, 2016

SMASH! Sydney announces guests!

SMASH! have recently announced a slew of Japanese voice actors and actress that will be gracing the event. The newest guest to be announces is internationally recognised cosplayer, YUEGENE FAY. SMASH! will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the event this August 20th and 21st

Event name: SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show
Date: 20 & 21 Aug 2016
Venue: Rosehill Gardens.
Entrance Fee: Early bird $30 –35 , On-site $35 –$40
Web: https://smash.org.au/ 


YUEGENE FAY is Thailand’s top-ranking cosplayer who is well-renowned for her accurate ‘cross-play’ portrayal of characters from the multi-verse realms of manga, anime, gaming and music. Amongst her anime and gaming cosplays, Yuegene Fay is best known for cosplays such as Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan), Rin Matsuoka (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club), and Mikoto Suoh (K).






SMASH! President Andrew Qiu believes Yuegene’s attendance reflects fans’ “enthusiasm for authentic cosplay talent” at pop-culture conventions like SMASH!.

May 27, 2016

Photoshoot: Shingeki no Kyojin

As with everything in my life, I’m always terribly, horrendously and loserishly late. We actually shot this set of Shingeki no Kyojin photographs last april and God knows what took me so long to get them out. Oh yeah, I was busy travelling half way around the globe and then chronicling them in my travel and lifestyle blog. Please check out that blog if you are free, I blog about all things beauty, travel and well, just my opinion on anything that I want to share. I review beauty products and share my 182947938732310 travel photographs, go over there now, you won’t be disappointed hehehe.


Oops! Sorry for the terribly, horrendously and loserishly digress =X



Eren Jaegar: Maria Tachi Cosplay
Mikasa Ackerman: Yuanie
Armin Arlert: The Cosplay Chronicles / Kaika
Fry Fry Photography
Assistance: Sara & Roger

May 21, 2016

Super Matsuri Japan – I expected too much.

After learning about the Super Japan cultural festival held by Esplanade, I’ve been poring over Esplanade’s website and getting myself hyped up by the fabulous line up of arts, culture and traditional programmes . The anticipation flowed over to the Super Japan Matsuri that is organised by WAttention Singapore in collaboration with Esplanade. Tonight marks the beginning of the highly anticipated 3 day Matsuri (Festival). Sadly though, it also marked the beginning of an uneventful and disappointing evening.




My friend and I were at The Lawn by 5pm. We had followed the throng of crowd moving towards Esplanade with an excited vibe in the air . The multitude of ‘ Super Japan’ related posters along the way only served to boost our excitement as we debated whether to order Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki.

May 19, 2016

Pokemon Cafe & Hello Kitty in Singapore!

This month is an exciting month for Japanese Pop Culture and Anime fans! Other than the Super Japan Matsuri (festival) that will be happening this weekend, 2 of the biggest Japanese mascot are also setting (or have already landed) base in Singapore!

Pokemon Cafe

I may not be a fan of the Pokemon battling series but who can resist the cuteness that is Pikachu?! A first in Southeast Asia and the first country outside of Japan, the Pokemon Cafe is stated to open doors this 27th May to 31st July on the fourth floor of Bugis Junction. During this period, the American brunch and burger restaurant Everything with Fries will temporarily be converted into the Pokemon Cafe.

According to Channelnewsasia , the menu will include 12 dishes. While I can’t guarantee the dishes will be identical to the Pokemon Cafe in Shibuya, below are some reference pictures to whet your appetite.

May 12, 2016

What to expect @ Super Japan Matsuri 2016

Marked as the biggest Matsuri (Festival) ever to grace the Singapore shores, the Super Japan Matsuri by WAttention is set to take over the Esplanade lawn (like literally) this end of the month! Continue reading to be in the know of highlights you shouldn’t miss!

Event name: Super Japan Matsuri 2016
Date: 20 May – 22 may 2016
The Law @ Esplanade (in front of Makansutra)
Admission ticket: free. Game coupon starts at $2
Event page:


May 9, 2016

Doujima (Doujin Market) 2016

Singapore’s biggest event for budding artists, illustrators and pop culture fans ; Doujin Market (Doujima) had yet another successful run last weekend. Fitting straight into it’s new space and location , the Doujima was a festival for a wide myriad of attendees. From budding artists and pop culture fans to tourists and our local uncles and aunties, Doujima fascinated all.


Website: http://www.doujimasg.com/ 





Other than it’s line up of seminars, the event this year also had a line of up to 100 artists groups. Going through rows after rows of eye catching products makes you marvel at the talent of these budding artists.


May 1, 2016

J-Obsession 2016 (Cosplay Photo gallery)

How many of you were at J-Obsession this weekend? If you were cosplaying on Saturday, you might find yourself in the photo gallery below!


In case any of you needs some refresher, J-Obsession is a youth culture event organised by The Cathay (Co- organised by Project BreakOut!). The event is now on it’s 7th year of running and it aims to celebrate different forms of Japanese pop culture with everyone. Some of the event highlights includes musical performances by local bands and artists on top of Cosplay competitions, VIP Guest appearances and Cosplay parade. The event turn out this year was pretty overwhelming despite the uncertain weather as cosplayers and event attendees spilled on all over The Cathay (venue) grounds.


Website: https://www.facebook.com/JObsession2010







Apr 29, 2016

Gentle Male Crossdress make up

Makeup for crossdressing as a guy can be more difficult than you think. Too much makeup and you look like a girl, too little makeup and you look washed out. A friend told me she always had problem crossdressing because she always just ends up looking like a girl with too much bronzer. I’m here to share my rather basic crossdress make up look. In this particular example, I’m going for a very gentle and benevolent look suitable for the character I’m cosplaying as (Natsume Takashi).

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