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10 Sure Win & Easy Otaku Pilgrimage Spots in Tokyo You Must Visit

For many anime and manga fans, a trip to Japan is right up there in their respective bucket lists. While some manage to save enough money to get a tourist visa and make it to the land of their dreams, others get lucky and are brought along with family or even flown in for a business trip. In these kinds of situations, planning out a pilgrimage to real-world locations, or “sacred spots,” featured in anime tend to get tricky. A dedicated otaku could make up some excuse to separate him/herself from the herd, but again it gets troublesome (mendokse) especially when said otaku is the less social type.To help out first timers who just want to get their feet wet, and also those with non-anime fan companions, here are 10 accessible “sacred spots” to visit which are also close to regular tourist spots that “normies” may enjoy.Let’s kick things off with locations from Makoto Shinkai’s works who is currently one of the more prominent names in recent anime history since the overwhelming success o…

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