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Photoshoot: Seikaiden Houshin Engi

I had the honour to be part of an amazing Houshin Engi group Cosplay last month. Yes! It's the super old series from Shounen Jump that nobody remembers haha! An anime was launched in 1999 which proved to be a flop but they had a remake of it again in 2018! I haven't gotten around to watching the new anime but from as far as I heard, the anime adaptation pales in comparison to the original Manga. I implore everyone to pick up the original manga instead if your curiosity has been piped!

Taikobo (太公望 ): Kaika/ The Cosplay Chronicles
Yozen (楊戩 Yōzen): Yuanie Taijo Roukun (Roshi) (太上老君 (老子) : Camellia So Dakki (蘇妲己, Su Da-Ji) : Kikyo
Photographer: Cecilia and Justin Assistance: Grace and Kio

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