Sep 20, 2016

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2016

I had a wonderful time at Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention this year with a bunch of friends. I cosplayed as Elsa from Frozen and partnered with Yuanie who was cosplaying as Jack Frost. Here’s a photo journey of my first day (saturday) roaming the halls.




There were so many people around the event hall corridors! Check out the amount of people!



Sep 14, 2016


I can’t remember the last time I cosplayed at an event. Maybe it wasn’t that long ago but it definitely felt long. Ever since starting the blog, my job as a blogger has pushed cosplay to the back seats. It was refreshing to remember how it felt to be cosplaying at an event like the good old days. The companionship of partners, getting ready together and offering each other help plus the adrenaline rush of cosplaying at an event made me fall in love with cosplay again, haha.




A shout out to my awesome companions that day. Hello Sakana, Seiyume and Yuanie!




On the 2nd day of Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention, I had the honour of cosplaying Elsa from FROZEN with Yuanie who was cosplaying as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. We actually had a photoshoot for the pair last march but decided to have fun with it at STGCC again this year. After all, Singapore toy Games & Comic Convention seemed like the most appropriate event to debut these two ‘western’ pop culture characters.




I decided to do something special this time. WIth the overwhelming popularity of Pokemon Go! (mobile game) and under the sagely advise (coughstrangeideascough) of a friend (shout out to Nik!) ; I spent my sunday running around the event premise (and outside of it) catching poke Cosermons. Cosplayer Monsters, if you didn’t get that heheh.  Check the video out below. 





Immense gratitude to all the cospalyers who participated. All of you were such troopers and I loved everyone’s cosplays!  If anyone knows the cosplayers, leave a comment so I can credit them accordingly. Major thanks to my Jack Frost (yuanie) for being my partner in crime. As you can see from the video, some of the pokeball was thrown by her heheh.


This was probably one of my happiest event for a long time -  thanks to STGCC and most importantly, the wonderful people I met that not only encouraged me but brightened my day with their warm smiles.

Sep 6, 2016

Interview with Cosplayer HaoGe

Best known for his alarmingly good cosplay of Minami Kotori from “Love Live!”, Saberlily and more ; HaoGe is a male cosplayer from China that has melted the hearts of countless fans across the globe. Versatile in his portrayal of characters, HaoGe has made waves on Chinese media and the internet. He is a key member of the cross-dressing group “Alice Weiniang Group” (爱丽丝伪娘团) that performs and guests at numerous events in China and he has been cosplaying for close to 7 years.


HaoGe will be making his Singapore debut at Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention this year as one of the invited Cosplay guest. Before you meet this enchanting beauty at the event, check out The Cosplay Chronicle’s exclusive interview with him.

1) Your name implies ‘a song of boldness/ grandness’. It conjures an image of an unruly and manly hero which contradicts your looks and cosplay preference completely. What is the reason behind the name?
Though most of the characters I cosplayed were mainly cute female characters. I wanted a name which sounded manly since after all I’m still a guy.

2) How long have you been crossdressing and how did you started?
I started cosplay in 2009 and begin to cosplay female characters from then.

3) How long does it takes for you to transform completely?
It will depend on the complexity of the costume, props and accessories. Normally it takes about an hour but if it’s more complicated, it may drag up to 4 hours.

4) What’s the hardest part about crossdressing compared to cosplaying a character with the same gender as you?
I don’t think there’s any part I feel difficult or hard to get by.


5) How do you think cosplaying as changed your life?
I learned a lot of things in this experience from makeup, prop making to photo shoot and post processing. Cosplay has motivated me to pursue for better accuracy and refinement in my works.

6) You’ve garnered a lot of attention with your immaculate cosplay and graceful portrayal of beautiful girls. How does it makes you feel to be attractive to both gender?
I’m thankful for the support given by my fans. I will try my best in every work I do in return of everyone’s support.


7) Do you think you would have gotten as much attention if you only cosplayed male characters?
I have never given any special thought about this issue. In fact, if my girlfriend (Huacha) request for me to cosplay male character, I will do it.

8) Any male characters (anime/manga/comics/movies) that inspires you and you hope to challenge (cosplay) one day?
Not really, it all depends on my liking.

9) What is the hardest costume you’ve ever done and why?
I believe it will be Saber. The armor was not easy to make and we wanted it to as accurate as possible. At the same time, it was also hard for me to portrait her expression as original as possible.


10) Any message to all your fans out there?
Hi everyone, I’m Haoge! I hope that you like my works and please continue to support me and my team (Alice Weiniang Group)! I will like to say dreams are never too far away. Even though, there are tough times and people will doubt us (sometimes we will even doubt ourselves too), I believe if one puts in effort and we stay strong, the dream will become reality, just like myself and my team. Always move forward and the sky’s the limit, let’s strive to be best of ourselves together!



The Cosplay Chronicles would like to thank HaoGe and Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention for the chance to have this interview. Please remember to check out the event and look out for HaoGe’s stage appearances and meet & greet!

Event: Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention
Date: 10th & 11th september 2016
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Level B2, Halls E & F

Sep 3, 2016

STGCC 2016: Hot Toys Exclusives, Mystery Bearbrick , Charity auction & more

Instead of asking if you are you ready for Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention, I guess this time I should be asking if your wallet’s ready XD Here’s some reason why STGCC is worthy of your attention this year!

Hot Toys Limited Edition Exclusives

ActionCity will be releasing several Hot Toys exclusives at STGCC with limited quantities. Some of them includes collectibles from Star Wars, Netflix Original Series Marvel’s Daredevil, Back to the Future II and the epic DC’s Suicide Squad.

“ Hot Toys Toy Fair Exclusivel 1:6 Suicide Squad The Joker (Arkham Asylum Version) will be available for pre-order onsite at #STGCC 2016.”

With its attention to details and proven quality, Hot Toys’ collectible figurines have always been highly sought after by modern toy art collectors. This year, Hot Toys will unveil a highly detailed 1/6 th scale diorama of the epic battle of 7’ tall Giantman & Team Cap against Team Stark from the most beloved and acclaimed Marvel films to date Captain America: Civil War. The 1/6 th scale Rey’s speeder her powerful repulsor lift vehicle from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will also make its debut in Singapore to all fans who visit STGCC.

Fans will also have the opportunity to snap a photograph with 4 adorable, lifesize Cosbabys specially flown in by ActionCity. Veteran collectors can also look forward to an impressive range of collectibles that will be available for preorder and purchase onsite at STGCC 2016. There will even be a Hot Toys Toy Fair Exclusive Cosbaby to be revealed soon!

Unveiling Exclusive Mystery  BE@RBRICK 100%

fans of the everpopular BE@RBRICK are in for a surprise. In this prominent crossover with Medicom Toy, ActionCity will be unveiling an Exclusive Mystery BE@RBRICK 100% at STGCC 2016, with the prototype making its debut to visitors for the first time.

Picture credit:

Limited quantities of this Exclusive Mystery BE@RBRICK 100% will be available to distinguished fans for advance preorder onsite at STGCC 2016. Stay tuned to ActionCity’s Facebook page and mobile app for the latest news regarding the release of this exclusive crossover with Medicom Toy, and get ready to add this historically significant collectible to your display showcase!

STGCC’s Artist Alley

Annually, STGCC’s Artist Alley features an eclectic range of artists from all around the world. The 2016’s edition will see more than 160 Artist Alley participants from 12 countries.
Eagleeyed fans can find hidden gems and perhaps even discover the next big pop culture phenomenon! One such success story is Mighty Jaxx, who first started in 2013 at the Artist Alley. It has since grown to become a highly sought after brand among toy collectors which has collaborated with many international artists. Other participants also include the acclaimed Sonny Liew from Singapore (The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye), Ario Anindito from Indonesia (Marvel and DC Comics), Hong Kong toymaker Mame Moyashi, and many more.

Head on down to STGCC 2016 to encourage, celebrate and show your support for these creative talents and their works at the Artist Alley!

Quirky Seafood themed figurines by Mame Moyashi.

Online Silent Auction (Make-A-Wish Foundation )

An online silent auction will be at this year’s show to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation® Singapore. Happening in the leadup to and over the 2 day event, STGCC fans will be able to bid for the Artist Sketch Wall that was completed by the Band of Doodlers during the Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Festival held in April 2016. The wall mural is made up of four canvas panels and each panel will be auctioned off individually. The starting bid for each panel is SGD 250 and each panel will be awarded to its respective highest bidder via an online silent auction.


Online bidding will commence from Tuesday, 30 August, 0900hrs till Sunday, 11 September, 1500hrs. Proceeds raised from the sale of the panels will go towards granting the wishes of children with lifethreatening
medical conditions.

For more information, check out

Once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience with the guest

This year, STGCC is giving fans a unique opportunity to join their favourite comic, toy and art guests for dinner and a cruise on board the luxurious catamaran EagleWings. This once-in-a-lifetime
experience will be held on the evening of Friday, 9 September. Fans will get a chance to mix and mingle with STGCC guests over an exquisite dinner buffet, while enjoying the breathtaking panoramic

view of the Singapore skyline as the yacht sails leisurely along Singapore waters. The extensive guest list includes Brooke Allen, Emma Rios, Nick Spencer, Simone Legno, Tom Taylor and many more. The “Bites, Brews & Cruise” dinner ticket is available at $190 (with GST) per person and is limited in number. Do not miss this exclusive chance to rub shoulders with some of the world’s most talented creators!

More details can be found at


For STGCC’s tickets and merchandise, visit
STGCC tickets are also on sale at authorized retail outlets, Action City and Superheroes Galaxy.
Check out for more information.

Is Cosplay losing its Buzz?

An article was shared by a Filipino friend of mine on Facebook. Overcame with curiosity, I clicked straight into the bait. It took me two attempts to finish reading the blog entry but I eventually did. Piqued by the questions raised in the article, I'm here to share my opinions and hopefully start a discussion among the community - " Is cosplay losing its popularity?". " Is the cosplay community burnt out?" , "Are the quality of costumes and the diversity of characters dwindling?".

For a definition of cosplay the activity, please check out Wikipedia. I'm going to venture ahead with the assumption that my readers would have some basic comprehension of the hobby. After all, even Grandmama knows cosplay, how can internet savvy you not have heard of this eye catching hobby?! What are you doing on a Cosplay blog if not so ?

DSC_0502 edit3

Anyway, I digressed.

Aug 28, 2016

Anime Festival Asia (Thailand) 2016

AFA Thailand concluded last weekend in the capital of Thailand; Bangkok. I had the chance to be there on the last day of the event and here are some of my videos and photographs! Held at the Paragon Mall in Siam, the event was happening in the heart of the city. The event location was easy to locate and very accessible by train.




Interview with Pugoffka

Internationally renown for her outstanding cosplay and Cosplay photography, Pugoffka is a Ukrainian Cosplayer/ Photographer. She has shot more than 700 photoshoots within 7 years with astounding quality.


She travel widely, visiting different conventions around the world and works with different cosplayers around the region to produce a wide variety of photographs. As a cosplayer, she enjoys cosplayign as characters from Games, something she enjoys playing. A dedicated individual in the art of cosplay and photography, Pugoffka never stops to wow her fans with her undeniable talent and skills. Follow Pugoffka on her first Singapore appearance in STGCC 2016.


The Cosplay CHronicles was granted an interview with Pugoffka to promote the upcoming Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention happening @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on the 10th and 11th September 2016. Learn more about this amazing cosplayer/photographer and what makes her tick!




Photo by: Pugoffka

Jul 21, 2016

STGCC 2016: Haruhiko Mikimoto, Emma Rios , Jacob Chabot, AKIBA POP STAGE & more!

A second wave of pop culture guests have been unveiled by the organisers of STGCC! Catering to the interest of fans from both the eastern and western arena – STGCC promise to be another exciting line up of guests and activities this year.


Haruhiko Mikimoto

Legendary character designer; Haruhiko Mikimoto will be gracing the event. Amongst the most respected and well loved illustrator, Mikimoto-sensei has lent this talent to titles such as The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross 7, Gunbusters, Mobile Suit Gundam 0800: War in the Pocket and the recent Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.




Character design by Haruhiko Mikimoto




A popular and respected digital artist with a considerable follower – Sakimichan has painted a wide variety of subjects. Her works include digital painting of characters from popular games, movies and shows such as Sailormoon, LoL (League of Legends) and Disney titles. She enjoys painting fantasy inspired characters and is known for spinning her own creativity into classic cartoon characters. Rarely participating in conventions, Sakimichan will be making her first ever Asian appearance here at STGCC 2016


13669040_10154312823953416_8273341430672885176_n (1)

Illustration by Sakimichan


Emma Rios

Known for her surrealistic artwork and thought-provoking stories, Emma Rios is a veteran in the world of comics. Having illustrated for Boom! Studios (Hexed) and Marvel (Doctor Strange, Amazing Spiderman), she returned to creator-owned productions in 2013, thanks to Image Comics. She has just published I.D., her first solo graphic novel, and currently co-edits the Island magazine with Brandon Graham.



Island by Emma Rios


Hwei Lin


A regional illustrator that has made it big on the international scene is Hwei Lin. Hwei paints in a distinctively stylish and bold yet incredibly soft watercolour approach. Emma Rios and Hwei Lim will be debuting their collaborative work, Mirror: The Mountain (published by Image Comics), exclusively at STGCC 2016. Touching upon existential questions, Mirror’s thoughtful story and beautiful art is a combo made to take your breath away.


Illustration by Hwei Lin



Jacob Chabot

An Eisner Award-nominated and New York Times bestselling cartoonist, Chabot is the writer for the brand new Marvel Tsum Tsum miniseries, and is well-known for his work on all-ages comics like Plants vs Zombies, Hello Kitty and his creator-owned series, The Mighty Skullboy Army. Colourful, funny and slapstick best describes some of Jacob Chabot’s works. Tying in with his appearance, a Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 STGCC variant has been specially commissioned for sale. It is available for purchase on our website:





With the popularity of Japanese pop culture , this year will be the first time STGCC features an AKIBA POP STAGE. Presenting talents from Japan such as GuildStars from Akiba Guild, Road of Alice, Rie Yunohara and Rio Hiiragi. Joining the idol units on stage will be Sae Tsukiyama and Tracy (Amateras Records), representing the doujin culture from Akihabara.


Together with nomico and Masayoshi Minoshima (Alstroemeria Records) who were included in the first guest announcement, fans can expect energetic performances by the artistes and experience the party in true Akiba style!





More information about the Singapore toy Games and Comics convention can be found at their official website.


Tickets and merchandising for STGCC 2016 are available via Tickets are also on sale at authorized retail outlets from 22 July onwards. Check for more information.

  • SGD19 for a one-day pass

  • SGD28 for a two-day pass

  • SGD120 for VIP packages (limited to 300 pax)

  • 10% off for STGCC merchandise for online ticket purchase (limited merchandise quantities)

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