About the Blog
This Blog is created because Kaika needed a place to consolidate, post and pimp spread awesome cosplays or cosplay related information. Kaika also needed a platform as an excuse to execute her 9683152375684643 random evil interesting cosplay projects while satisfying her innate paparazzi tendencies. How fun =)

On a more serious note, this blog has become a platform for sharing of global (though mostly Singapore centric) Cosplay events, Photography, Videos, Cosplay discussion topics and Howto tutorials. This blog aims to be an honest voice for Cosplayers. It also aims to entertain, educate and spread the love of this unique hobby; Cosplay.

About the Writer

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Writer and creator of the Blog, Kaika is a Singapore based Cosplayer. She has been in the hobby for well, quite some time and is active in exploring, sharing and promoting this hobby.

In her history of Cosplaying, Kaika has
created and participated in numerous facet of the hobby. From Vocaloid PVs to various stage performances such as, Karaoke performance, Dance routine, Event Hosting, Cosplay Skit performance and Competitions participation.

Her ability as a Blogger and Vlogger has also given her a number of opportunities to represent Singapore and cover foreign events.

Blog accolades and accomplishments
  • Animax Hong Kong Halloween Treats Party 2010
    related entries:
    Link 1 , Link 2

  • 1000 Paper Cranes for Japan
    related entries:
  • Singapore Day @ Shanghai 2011
    related entries:
  • Animax Musix @ Japan 2011
    related entries:
  • Singapore Blog Awards 2012, Top 10 finalist for Best V-Log category  related entries: Link
  • Singapore Blog Awards 2013, Top 10 finalist for Best V-Log category  related entries: Link
  • CoFesta 2013 Ambassador 
    related entries: Link 
  • Singapore Blog Awards 2014, Top 10 Finalist for Best Topical Blog
    related entries: Link
  • =)



Great photos, and lovely girl.
Sean King said…
Well done Lovely Kaika!!! Really proud of you:)Hope u can carry on represent Sg cosplay communities to participate more in future oversea events<3 Jia You!!!
Kirk said…
This is the most professional looking and simple to navigate cosplay site I've seen. Great work for you and your web admin people!
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