Just Be Friends Cosplay PV ( ranked 1st?!?!?)


Oh. My. God.

Suddenly, god decides to be super nice to me(and the entire team) and granted us such an amazing gift of appreciation and accomplishment.

Yes, according to NicoNico, our JBF Cosplay video is now ranked the top most watched Vocaloid related video on NicoNico. I have no idea how this ranking is assessed, if anyone knows, leave me a comment and let me know hokays?

Last night it was ranked 4th. Was super happy when we realize it had jumped dramatically from 11th to 4th. But I thought that was going to be the end and the best it’d ever get. But now…. it has jumped straight to the top T_T


BANZAI \o/!!!!

Its a pretty amazing ride and it definitely didn’t occur to us that we’d make it that far. Especially not when the haters starting flooding the video with comments about how ugly our faces were. Yes, at some point of time, the hate comments started to dominate. It was really annoying because people started complaining about us NOT being Caucasians and things like our frontal closeup looking horrible etc etc. Pointless stuffs that’s not related,if you get what I mean.

But anyway, *coughs* I gotta get a hold of myself and not let this happiness get to me >////< U. Ultimately, I'd have to face the fact that this rank will drop. But for now, I’ll allow myself some celebration T_T

Pimping the original upload at Youtube again in case you have not seen it before ^_^ ;;;


Making of the PV

Lastly, another thanks and pimp to the rest of the cast below.

Megurine Luka: Kaika
Luka’s ex BF:

Photographers (alphabetically arranged) :

Video editing:
Special Thanks : Decadence, Ying and Xrystal for lending us their gakurans and wig xD


maria_tachi said…
You definately need to be happy and enjoy the moment to the fullest!~

As a frequent nico user...

Your video is ranked 5th on the "Popular" videos category for the daily rankings!

Your powerlevel is OVER 9000!!!!
Anonymous said…
Whoa, the video's still in top 4. It's been in the rankings for so long. From what I know, videos usually enter and leave the ranking right away. :I
kirin said…
A belated Congratulations from me good work and Love the video you guys deserve the best :)

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