Animax Musix Fall 2011


Held on the 23rd of November 2011, Animax had their 6th Animax Musix concert at the Yokohama Arena. Featured artistes includes

  • - May'n
  • - KOTOKO
  • - Nakagawa Shoko
  • - Angela
  • - Kalafina
  • - Kita Shuhei
  • - Minori Chihara
  • - Faylan
  • - Kawano Marina
  • - Himeka
  • - The Sketchbook
  • - RAMM featuring Ayami
  • - SEA*A
  • - Sasaki Sayaka

Animax Musix Official Site:

And guess what? I was given the great privilege to be there! All thanks to Animax and Last Exile: Fam, the silver wing!

nov11_Japan 126

We were put up at the Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel which is a 4 star hotel just a stone's throw away from the arena.
nov11_Japan 050

This is the view from our hotel room. Yes, we were that close haha. It was only 11:20 am but there were already a lot of concert attendees waiting to go in!

I'm not much of a concert person so my opinions might not be the most comprehensive. But the whole concert attending ettiquette and culture in Japan is so different from Singapore! Firstly, they come wayyyy early and they buy all the merchandise they can, regardless of the price! And we're talking about a face towel going for like 2500yen!

nov11_Japan 054

I guess because Japan is a relatively big country, going from one state to another is a time & money consuming activity. Thus making the whole experience more treasure worthy and worthy of spending to have a memory of it.

Speaking of mementos, check out the awesome photo book Animax gave us :D!


nov11_Japan 128

Here's a picture of my Animax Musix loot. Sadly, because we were such concert noobs and didn't understand much Japanese, we missed the chance to buy any merchandise =\ By the time we went out after the end of the concert, everything was already gone!

The plastic fan was a freebie while the 4 metallic ring thingy at the top were confetti that were blown down at the final stage. The thousands of metallic paper rings that glided down slowly was such a grand sight!

nov11_Japan 061nov11_Japan 064nov11_Japan 065nov11_Japan 066nov11_Japan 067

The vibe and excitement of the attendee was evident and contagious even at 11am. It was like a tiny matsuri with people queuing for merchandise and food xD

nov11_Japan 060

Check out the amount of people standing around xD The people at the far end are queuing for merchandise!

nov11_Japan 059

Lucky for us, we were allowed to skip the queue and went in straight with our Guest Pass. Then we did a short interview with Animax Japan. Hope I didn't say anything too stupid >o<

Sadly, as with all Japanese Concert etiquette, no photography was allowed so you guys will have to read words. The hall itself was huge and according to this page, there was 12,000 fans there that day! THE PASSION!!

Shokotan kick-started the concert with 3 solo songs and a lot of crowd interaction. I admit, I was never a fan. But after this experience, I concurred that this girl really has the voice and deserves her place. Not to mention she is super cute too >.<!

Because I have a goldfish memory and the lack of photography really takes the beef away so I'm going to jump to parts of the concert that left a deeper impression on me.


Angela were so cool! Zeph was especially excited to see Katsu san and loved his white costume to bits. Angela performed 2 solo songs with "Shangri-La" as the first. For the last song, they made all the fans dance with their towel and of course, everyone with a towel did. Then they announced that this was their last song which got whining replies from the crowd. But as it turns out, they trolled us! It was a 6 hour concert (OMG) and they came back on stage again! Collaborating with Minori Chihara and doing orchestra versions of their song.

Katsu-san was hilarious too! At the end of the concert, when everyone came on stage for the final thank you and photo taking. Atsuko somehow coerced him into doing something weird. Then he got pushed to the front most part of the stage alone and started getting the audience to do some sort of saluting hand action/signal  plus cheering thing xD And of course, the whole Arena did it. Wish I knew what he was saying T_T

When it ended, he frantically ran back to where Atsuko (Along with the other stars) were standing. But not before he went down on his knees and stuck his face to the floor in front of them xD Apologetic much XD?


We were seated at the first row of B1 and it was a really good spot because many of singers would come out from the left and walk directly IN FRONT of us to get to the stage! Angela, May’n, Minoru Chihara and Marina Kawano all walked this path Open-mouthed smile

I wished I knew more anime songs though, many of the awesome anime song didn't register in my brain so i felt a little bored when songs I didn't know were sang.

A very interesting segment of the concert was the “Fans selection” where they got fans to submit request for songs and artiste they want to see perform. Some of the fans selection song includes 'Joint' from Shakugan no Shana, 'Butterfly' from Digimon, ‘Anata Dake Mitsumete’ru’ from Slam Dunk, 'Sobakasu' from Rurouni Kenshin, 'Purachina' from Cardcaptor Sakura and "Nowhere" from MADLAX . Mannny more were sung but I can't remember ToT

In all honesty, we were so blown away by all the artist! Hearing them live was so different OoO! I've always thought they sounded great on cds but hearing it life.. was so powerful! Everyone's voices came across so strongly (with the exception for ayami =x) and effortlessly.

KOTOKOWe were so excited to see KOTOKO and Angela on the list. And when interviewed by Animax Japan, we individually mentioned that we want to hear Angela sing 'Shangri-La' and KOTOKO sing ' Light my Fire'.

I was really psyched up about hearing KOTOKO. I've always liked her songs but her recent work for Shana Final's Op song made her my top artiste among the bunch. I was so afraid the song wasn't included but turns out, it was her final song and I can see why. The stage effect for this song was SO AWESOME!!!!! They created matching background screen animation and lightings and made the stage spit out FLAMES!!


OH MY GAWDDDDDD!!!! How cool is that?!!!! And I got another shot of orgasm when they played the Anime opening animation in the middle of the song. It was so cool T___T

I jumped like nobody’s business along with the entire arena (everyone's so high!) and waved my pathetically dying light stick frantically.


May'n being the main star came out for a single song somewhere in the middle and then came out again as the final singer,doing a medley of songs. Surprisingly, the only Macross Frontier song she sang was 'Universal Bunny'.

nov11_Japan 071nov11_Japan 089nov11_Japan 075nov11_Japan 077nov11_Japan 079nov11_Japan 083nov11_Japan 080nov11_Japan 085

All in all, it was a wonderful 6 hours. (Yes, 6 hours O_O) We had thought it would be a crappy make shift concert but it surpassed our expectation and left us, along with the entire arena, feeling extremely excited. After the concert ended, many fans including ourselves, lingered around the entrance for merchandise (they disappeared almost immediately) and took pictures of the auction items the artistes donated for the Tohoku Pacific Quake victims.

If you’re interested to bid or take a look at the items auctioning, click here.

nov11_Japan 090

Animax has definitely organised an overwhelmingly successful music event exclusively for Anime fans. At the price of 8500 yen, the concert is a steal for so many artistes and full 6 hours of entertainment! Any Anime fans going to Japan next year, remember to keep a look out for Animax Musix !


And don’t feel left out (even though you really should =x) for missing this. Because Animax will be screening this concert in 3 parts coming next february on236 Ch! Hey, maybe you guys will spot me and my light stick xD !nov11_Japan 091

I had so much fun that day and it’s all thanks to the awesome Animax for giving me the chance to be there!


Sese said…
OOMMMGGGG KOTOKO!!!! ajdkslajdkslajdkslajdkslajdkslajdksl IM A FAN!!!!! kyaaaaa
ThE WoRm said…
WOW, an ANIMAX MUSIX review. It seems I'm in your video, the dude at 1:48 (the big gaijin one) is me.

About the Angela thingy - wasn't Shangri-La the song they did with the towels? As I recall - the song they did without the towels was "Beautiful fighter", the one from Asura Cryin' but I suddenly noticed I can't remember which one it was.

I came to the concert espacially to hear Angela, and unfortunently, I saw Bakemonogatari only after the ANIMAX MUSIX which prevented me from enjoying their cover for "Kimi ga shiranai monogatari" as much as I could, but when they came again and coverd "Secret Base", I felt like I just died there for 3 full minutes. Lucky to be alive :P

BTW, it's an old captain speech Katsu likes to give in his concerts, they are quite influenced by those things ;XD "We are the saviors of the world, thank you all", or something along those lines with super old Japanese.

Was nice reading your review!
Arthur Marsh said…
Hi, I would like to hear from someone who has attended both Animax Musix live and Animelo Summer Live and can comment on how they compare.

I attended Animelo Summer Live 2011 - Rainbow at my own expense and had a wonderful time, see here.

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