Axis Power Hetalia!

Gin pimped me a video of these awesome Hetalis cosplayers! I really love how they incorporated the banners into the performance. The banner really brought climax and depth to the performance xD

Especially for a series like Hetalia where there are so many characters interacting in a comedic way xD My own fault finding would be the slightly long duration. I have short concentration span so I prefer short bits ;D

Anyone has any idea where this performance was held? Judging from all the chinese characters used at the stage area I can corner it down to either China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. My biggest bet is China but prove me wrong if I am xD


Dan the Farmer said…
It's china yo! :D
Fanny said…
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Anonymous said…
OMG!!! This video is too awesome liao!!! Extremely good find! XD Thanks for putting it up for share!
Dan: Ahhh thanks for verifying ;D

Shuui: YES! I love it too even though I'm not a fan XD lovely choreography!

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