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Hi peeps!

I was wondering, what is it that you guys enjoyed watching/reading most on this blog. SO I made a poll by the right side to get some feedback from you guys . Alternatively, you can also comment here or at the tagboard to let me know what you would like to see on this blog.

Other than churning out more tutorial videos which i have been lagging furiously behind  (just like you guys, I only have 24hours a day =P).

I also intend to do some series cosplay focus. Like, I'll set a theme or focus on a specific Anime/Manga/Game series, then source out fabulous cosplays from that series or theme.  Maybe I'll even do some top 10 charts XD

Erm.... maybe not *coughsflamewarcough*


Anonymous said…
actually I like your blog coverage for all of the mentioned reasons.

But I guess if i am to pick one, i love the omake videos the most i guess something that most other cos blogs dun have and its highly visual and interactive.

.:decadence:. said…
What makes this blog special is that it caters to the local scene and cosplayers and the public alike get to see how Cosplay in Singapore is like.

I particularly love your tutorial and interview vids! Its a great portal for any cosplayers who are interested in finding out what cosplay is about, how do you go about doing it and where to participate.

Adding another column/feature such as a cosplay feature is a great idea. A suggestion though. It would be refreshing to see more international cosplayers where focus is more on the overall package and not just the face.

There are many hidden talents out there waiting to be discovered but many are just blinded by a pretty face which is sad but true. A good combination of both looks and craftsmanship, basically the whole package would be an ideal feature. imo. XD

You could maybe section it into locally and internationally? Or by catergories like for example make-up, craftsmanship, costume details? I'm sure you'll definitely come up with something even more interesting than what I've come up with la so I'm looking forward Kaika!!

Keep up the great job!! i really love your blog!!! ♥♥
Tassardar said…
I love the omake videos. More cosplay tutorials will be nice though haha. Also maybe cover some cosplay PVs. They are getting interesting this days to say.
Tarepanda said…
hope to have subs for the vids since its events? (Bg noise) and ranking is subjective, *to avoid flammingssough*i think just pick a few that you think is worth mentioning? but without the numbers up there? naybe you could switch the focus by mentioning the 'unique point' that you want people to notice? Maybe the material that the coser used, or the way he/she styled the wig~

my 2 cents XD XD
Ying said…
I love the way you do event coverage. I think there is nothing wrong with a wide genre. I gave me every insights of every little thing on cosplay and cosplayers.

Well, when there is no event around the season (As we all know that some months are more quiet)... Maybe you can cover on how cosplayers do their private shoots.

That will be like off-peak events period coverage.

I don't really demand much from an one-lady-show laaa. You have been putting all your effort to put up this site to well-educate some of the people out there who doesn't know or appreciate cosplay.

Just do it at your pace.. Relac ok!

Seriously, I love the event coverage. Very funny and nice to watch. Just that because it's a non-profit-earning blog, I can't complain that the sound quality from the video is soft and pick up a lot of noise. I think it will be mean to complain that. BUT WAIT I ALREADY COMPLAINT OOPS. Well, no choice ma.

Maybe you can put up a "Top 10 cosplay that are popular within Singapore cosplayers at event". LOL. Then slowly narrow down... Like e.g cosplay from blah series, then focus on the series and the characters.

I mostly stalks on the tutorial videos cos they give me a lot of ideas how i can settle my stuffs in the simplest n shortest way.. n also the issues discussed.. some are quite interesting like the recent post about rude photographers.. sorry that I dun really post on your blog ^^;; but i like your blog.. sweet n simple XD
p7m13 said…
So far, I like the event coverage!

What I would like to see are more interviews of Singaporean cosplayers either through video or through e-mail where you can ask about when & why they started to cosplay, which type of characters do they like to cosplay most, their most memorable cosplay moment etc... as it helps us to learn more about them and perhaps learn more about the cosplay community.

You could also have photo blogs of behind the scenes of a photo shoot or pre-event preparation as everybody likes behind the scenes goodness. XD

Otherwise, you could probably have a cosplay request post where your readers could request which character / series they would love to see someone cosplay. I guess this helps in giving ideas to cosplayers as I'm sure sometimes they forget about a great anime series from sometime back.

Ok, that's all I can think of for now. Keep up the blogging! XD
Dan the Farmer said…
I am looking forward to all the interviews you will be doing in near future! Covering from all aspects such as costume-making, character-portraying, even the bad-manners issues are great!

Keep them coming yo! And be in the shot if you can! (*ahem*hirecameraman*ahem)
Yuanie said…
I look forward to event coverage ^^ always lively and funny ~ And its very nice to see how well the interviewer (that's you!) can get along well with cosplayers... it helps to show other country cosplayers that we are beri friendly too ;)

most importantly, you must enjoy the work of filming and editing ;) Your best buddies are always supporting you yo ~!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…

I really love your event coverages like everyone else does! It really shows the more light-hearted side of cosplayers and it's always enjoyable to watch ^ ^ Though it's amazing how much 'crap' you can gather from just one event LOL. But on a more cosplay-related side, I feel Tassardar's suggestion is great actually! Instead of only videotaping events, perhaps it'd to go behind the scenes with cosplayers at work in shoots, or even a cosplay vid sounds good =D <-bias towards vocaloid LOLLL

Also, I like how you find relevant and highly-discussed topics to talk about here.

Keep it up with the paparazzi Kaika! Your next stop's coming soon =x
Hexlord said…
*rolls in*

Wah liew, so many people commented liao :X

Anyway, I like your event coverage as well as the tutorials because I think rarely people will share their knowledge online... so you are the rare few yeah ^^

Behind the scene @ photoshoots would be great! It offers a glimpse into cosplayers' life and how they go about making the shoots a success ^^

Haha, that's all for now... if there's anymore will let you know later bah. XD
evilneo said…
I think tat having tutorial videos and cosplay tips in your blog are good cos it will benefits alot of cosplayers.

Event coverage and interviews/omake videos are nice too. Although I feel that u can do a more in depth coverage for the whole event like who is the organisers, sponsors, prizes, short interview with the winners, why u think he/she deserves to win, wat do u think is the citeria the judges are focusing on this time round etc

As for the interview videos, personally I feel tat most of the time it is only focus on a few certain cosplayers and some random stuff. Might be good if u can interview more cosplayers per event, keep it short and compile them into one short video so tat ppl who nvr go for the event can have an idea wat's going on there.

As an non-cosplayer, I also hope you can blog the most lastest acg news at first hand so that I noe tat I can always depend on ur blog for the lastest update. Eg A quick review of the anime for this season and which is mostly likely going to be a big hit for cosplayers going to cosplay for the next event.

Lastly, I think u can approach some of the local anime bloggers and ask if can link each others blog. This might help u get a wider range of viewers.
decadence: thanks for commenting ^^! Cosplay feature yes... I'm definitely looking at that. And definitely an international cosplayer.

Tassardar: thanks ~~ hahah tutorial take up a lot of time X_X but I'll try. Awaiting for your miku videos lorrr hehehee

Tarepanda: Thanks for commenting babe =) Maybe I'll do something like my 'favourite cosplayer list'. Nice suggestion there =)

Ying: LOL! your comments always so unique ;p YEa... I wish i can have more professional equipments too but T_T......

Top 10 popular singapore cosplay. LOLS! Maybe I can do a friendlier poll for ppl xD

Einzbern: Thanks wah your nick is a mouthful to say =)

p7m13: Behind the scenes video log.... hahah sure . I have a hugeass arhive i think =) Thanks for the idea =) I've also thought of doing some cosplay interview via MSN or email....

Dan: Be my cameraman and interviewer =D

Yuanie: thanks a lot babee *HUGS*

Lenneth:Thankssss babe. Bet my next interview target XDDD. AFA @_@;;;; my CGA still have a mountain of videos to edit X_X

HExlord: I've thought of that too! like the entire process of a photoshoot. BUt it's so hard to capture all those small initiate planning stages...so I'm not sure how I can put them together =\

Neo: Nice suggestions haha. But I don't know of any anime bloggers so it'd be an issue linking up.

And as with ACG news...I've thought about that too but felt I couldn't keep up with the speed of the new series so it is really hard to execute on my part. Also, there are already so much blogs out there doing this.

The short interview is a good idea. I've had some random ideas but ...hahha KIV . thanks a lot for the suggestions!
songster69 said…
For me, I like spontaneous coverage or ad hoc interviews and stuff. You're doing a good job so far and your coverage has been entertaining.

Just keep doing what you like and what you do best and experiment to make each event coverage refreshing!

Inuran said…
ARHHH!! I just typed a long comment but got erased because they require me to login blah blah..

Anyway, just wanna say a very good job in the videos! Video productions are pain in the ass and you always provide us with visual aids which is really very beneficial to us!

Some of the things that would suggest to see:

1) Shopping in art friend or places to give tips on what to purchase for prop/costume making

2) Shops in singapore which sells materials

3) Work with other cosers on the behind the scene production

4) Photo editing techniques.

Songster: HAha thanks T_T Looking forward to working with you to add some colours to this place =)

Inu: AHHAH! Okay! I'll collab with you moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Yoroshiku ne!

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