End.Of.Year 2009 (Photo Pimp!)

OMG! It’s OVER!!! Like, FINALLY! No more costume rushing and no more sleepless nights! NOW, the holiday really kicks in for us Singapore cosplayers.

I’m gonna make a new benchmark for myself by posting event pics on the day itself! (Okay fine, so I missed the day)

As our Idol M@ster team were joining the group competition, and scheduled to perform at 2:35pm. We were required to report by 12. And so I reached the event hall around 11:30am. I was expecting the event hall to be almost empty but I was so wrong! By 11:30am, the event hall were already flooding with people!

I managed to squeezed my way through to the backstage dressing room. Met up with Yuanie and begun the tedious “Cosplay” transformation. You know, sometimes the part I absolutely HATE most in cosplay is doing the make up. It just stresses me out SO MUCH because I know exactly how important having a flawless make up is for cosplay and doing the fake lashes never fails to daunts me.

The other ‘idols’ slowly tottered in one after another and we went into a frenzy of preparations haha. The other iMas girls had only just arrived for 15minutes when we received a call from one of the backstage crew. Telling us we were up next =_=|||


WHAT. THE. HELL ?!?!?!?!?!?!???????


No offence and sorry for the slightly strong language. But srsly?!

We were scheduled at the 2:35pm slot and now they want to push everything forward by 2 WHOLE HOURS ?! I usually take an hour on make up alone and most of the other girls have only just arrived! It’s impossible for us to be ready by … 5minutes ?!

Imagine the ruckus it stirred up backstage =_=U. Honestly, I don’t think any of the other Cosplay competing groups were ready yet.

We were almost ready to forsake the competition all together since our discussion with the backstage crew member was getting quite heated up (phone argument haha xD). I got to say it really dampened our spirit quite a bit at that period and the performance just seemed so pointless already!

I remember asking the guy on the other end of the phone whether the event would run into a risk of overrunning if we were to go by the old schedule (the 2.35pm one). Because if the event won’t run into the risk of overrunning, I really don’t see why they should be so uptight about “Under-running”. And then this boy started going on and on about the fact that now they are ‘Under-Running’ and I should speak to Tim because he is the one who planned the schedule and if we can’t accommodate the schedule change (may I highlight, a very abrupt change), they might have to drop us. Great.

The one sentence he spoke that really pulled the claws out from me was … but it’s not our fault that the event under- run”. Nice one kid.

Of course, being the devil I am, I didn’t hold back either and lashed back. Kinda regret my behavior though =\  Even though his attitude and speech was inappropriate but looking at things from his shoes, it’s not his fault either that he had to be tasked with the shitty job of passing the bad news.

That said though, he really has to buck up in his people skill =X

Alright, end of epic backstage saga rant. On to the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!










Why did my master left me on the floor *sobs*







Very cute teddy =3. I think he belonged to the Rozen maiden Cosplayers



Kawaii Ringo as Ritsuko Akizuki with P-San!

It was really funny and cool to see someone cosplay P-san! He even had a file with the idols’s profile printed out!!  But his stocking mask looks horribly uncomfortable =( Poor him.


# Persona 4.

P1090812 P1090813

Prince of Tennis !



Hecate from Shakugan no Shana! I think she’s the first Hecate Cosplayer I’ve seen in Singapore! Wootss to SnS fandom!!!





He (I assume its a he inside) was very cute hahah! Who can resist mascots???


Myself with the War of Genesis Team and the winner of this year’s Group Cosplay competition. Their performance totally rocked the house down (love those booty shakes xD). Go youtube it or something if you didn’t get to see it !

I totally stalked them as soon as we got off stage! HURHURHURHUR Paparazzi power xD. Their entire team was so cute and humble and I took a lot of videos of them. Stay tuned to watch them speak incorrigible korean. Freakin funny lah xDDDD!

And yes, I look stupid here, I know =_=


Close up of their costume! 

P1090858CHIBI SASUKE AND IRUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals*

And I’m guessing the pretty lady behind them is cosplaying Hitman Reborn ….anyone care to enlighten me ? My first gut guess was Death Note but she shook her head xD. Kaika fails.

Edit: apparently the pretty lady is cosplaying as Dino from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.


I saw her from far and went over melodramatically haha! I think I stunned her a little.

I’ve never read CLOVER by CLAMP before but Su’s metallic wings have always fascinated me. And *cough*, the title of the series is just irresistible to me (I love Clovers =X )



Her metallic bird companion was really nicely made too =) I love how sturdy the wings are. Both hers and the bird’s xD



I look like some random stalker =_=U



Inuran  as this main heroine from a doujin game who’s title and name escapes my memory!!! Someone help me out here!!

And of course, that’s Yuanie cosplaying as Chihaya from Idol M@ster. 

 EDIT: Inuran is cosplayign as Hakurei Reimu from The Touhou series. Thanks for the info!


Guilty Gear XX. So nostalgic! And they made the costumes themselves, very admirable =)

I’m sorry the picture turned out so grainy and blur. The lights were going low and the area was just not meant to take photos in.  Lovely cosplayers though =)

There was an ABA cosplayer lingering around too and I had wanted to take her photos too but she seemed a little busy=/



Elizabeth, Ciel and Ran Mao


I think the elizabeth has such a cuteeeee smile =X

All 3 of them looks really cute and young hahha. And that’s definitely a compliment :P


P1090895 P1090896

Bishie Suzaku and Lelouch from Code Geass. A pity their C.C left early.

I like suzaku’s wig, very voluminous and has the ‘windy + slight curl’ effect Suzaku has.



Ciel and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji



DDTenka cosplaying as……………………………………… a magenta cheshire neko.


Okay fine, I don’t know who she’s cosplaying lah=_=. Someone help me out here please……………

 Edit: DDtenka cosplaying as Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice. Thanks for the info!


P1090914 P1090915 P1090917

Pretty Yuna  from Final Fantasy X. Its definitely a nostalgic costume/cosplay to see around =)



P1090922 P1090924

Spot the difference xD!

Initially I thought he was cosplaying as some alternate cousins fromt he Katamari darmacy. But he told me he was cosplaying as a character from Sengoku Basara haha.

The colorus are really that vivid =)



Also a character from Sengoku Basara (lemme know if I’m wrong). I’m really amazed by the strawman thingy and it kinda excites me because…..it reminds me of Skip Beat! =X



Okay, that’s a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg photo pimp entry. Hope I haven’t killed too much bandwidth. 

Look forward to my next entry about our Idol Master journey. Behold the teaser pic below (hey it rhythms)  !!!



With Yui Makino :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Rain said…
DD cos as boris airay from heart no kuni no alice ah

cute photos :)
Anonymous said…
the magenta cheshire neko is Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice and the rest of the games from the series
allkhe said…
Nice photos, though a little grainy. Glad to see there's more photos for this event coverage!

The doujin game is the Touhou series, and the cosplayer is cosplaying as Hakurei Reimu.
Xiaobai said…
Uhh If I am not wrong, that colourful rainbow dude and the girl with the straw man are from Sengoku Basara, and those are actually their crack weapons...

But anyways, you girls are lovely on stage~! 8D
Anonymous said…
Great to see more report from you ne XD
Hexlord said…
Wah, wanted to leave a comment about the character IDs but slow... haha Reimu rocks XD
Otousan said…
It’s impossible for us to be ready by … 5minutes ?!

Same thing happen to me on 23 Dec Rehearsal, I should have stay lost instead of waiting at wrong location with no notification, finding out the location via own means and rushing down only to get flame. >=p

neverless, wonderful cosplay!!!! PRETTTTYYYYYY~!!!

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