EOY 09 Videos!

Alright…not all of the videos. Just 2 random videos I took of our beloved Dan. Dan was cosplaying as Koutake Haruki from the manga di[e]ce.

Can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of her in her lovely costume! Her costume was really well made and she looked very bishie in it :D See how we forced her to be out-of-character and dance to a very familiar tune below xD



And then Dan got pissed off and decided to take revenge on me by doing this.....


Don’t ask me how I allowed it to happen |||| oTL


DirtyCornflake said…
In one of your entrys I read about the GEO contact lenses. I didn't know what they were until I looked it up and I'm totally thrilled and want to buy a pair for my Nico Robin costume. But I haven't bought any yet and I'd like to know if you'd recommend some for blue eyes. (I have blue eyes and Nico Robin's are light blue^^ ). That would be really awesome *__*
Thanks in advance!

Reika ^^
Hi DirtyCornflakes!

Wow you have blue eyes? That's cool =) I believe with your natural light coloured iris, any coloured contact lens would look great on you and the colours would look much more vibrant on you as compared to black iris =)

Have fun!

DirtyCornflake said…

Thank you for your fast reply xD
*laughs* Thank you xD But here in Europe, it's not unusual to have blue eyes xD But thank you nevertheless xD


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