Cosplay Molester ?

Oh great. We made the front cover.

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I hope both the guy and the girls (yes, the little girls too =_= )learnt their lesson. See how much negative impact their little ‘plays’ have done to our beloved hobby ?

The media just needs one small glitch to blow things to national level. And all the hard work previously pumped in to portray Cosplay as a positive hobby (in Singapore) has gone down the drain. I just hope this won’t turn into some big “Anti Otaku” phenomenon. *sigh

Apparently the local papershave so little gossip/news to dish out, they decided to repeat telecast the same material over at 3 different platforms

The other Platforms

Platform 2

Platform 3


Unknown said…
I think now only the cosplay committee people will be molested, why must it be the cosplay committee people?

At the same time, we must thanks the media cause now people know about cosplay in a negative way though. People will start to ask,

Person A: Girl got molested.... Btw,"What is cosplay huh?"

Person B: Oh. COsplay is a hobby where people dress up as anime characters

Person A: I see... Then Person A may or may not start research more about cosplay

Maybe I'm optismistic about this incident but more and more people get to know about cosplay in a bad way or another now..
reiko said…
... molestation is present, and it's definitely not within the cosplay scene alone. just that this case happens to be saucy news (with pictures of scantily-clad girls to boot), i bet the media is trying to leech of it as much as they can.

i still feel that the girls should have been more aware themselves, and the matter should have been solved without having it brought up to the media for the whole of sg to see =_=. bring it up to the police, fine, but disgracing the community... *shakes head*

shame on the sg cosplay scene, both female victims and molestor(soon to be victim of the media) for not being able to handle with tact.
songster69 said…
Maybe this year all cosplay events will be slapped with M18 ratings
Anonymous said…
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