Cosplay Photo of the day: the shocking!

Hi peeps~ Things have been a little slow again recently because I was busy watching Lovely Complex doing freelance work :D

But I’m back again because I iz haz lovely photos to pimp :D!!!!!

Noctis Lucis Caelum (storm) from Final Fantasy versus XIII by AmenoKitarou

Love the play/usage of water in the first picture. Cosplayer did an awesome job posing and slashing the water circle 57834233082 times and the photographer did an awesome job capturing it. I like how, despite the fast motion, nothing is blurred. Good use of shutter speed ?

I think the Storm cosplayer looked awesome too! Love his costume and sword *_*

Location is love T_T


Hetalia cosplay team. Photo by MelinaCOsplay

I really like how much motion is captured here. Especially the swinging of the flags! Makes you feel like its some international patriotic day and I can almost hear the trumpets blowing! Make you feel the love and pride of each flag wielder with their animated swinging :D


Haku from NARUTO. Cosplay by Mileyx

Found this picture really amazing because like what I commented on her DA. I’m really amazed at how well both the cosplayer and photographer performed in that kind ( underwater omfg?! ) situations. I can never keep my eyes open underwater much less pose in it. Nuff said.


Shadow Beast from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Cosplay by negativedreamers

OMG, love mascotish cosplays. The intricateness of the costume is so beautifully portrayed here with the sun shining on the lycra like costume and the texture of the headgear so nicely embossed *_*

Also love the dynamic angle! I think the photographer might have used some sort of wide lens :D


Mio Akiyama from K-ON by H.A.Z.Y. Photo by Adoboramen

I like the slight yellowish treatment in the colour and most importantly how the expression and eyes of the cosplayer seems to pull me into her world. >//////<;;; *Hentai jiji mode*

Sometimes, cosplaying normal clothes character can be the most difficult. But the cosplayer did a great job using her body language and guitar to bring an added punch to the photo


Quakey said…
Hi, thanks for featuring my friend's shot to your blog. She took the one of Mio. ^^

This friend of mine has really god eyes for photography. ^^

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