Random Cosplay Videos!

Yo~~~ Just thought I’d pimp here because some of you might not follow my lousy Youtube Channel. Was browsing my cosplay photo & video archives recently and realise I have A LOT of random videos slashed away so I decided to share some.

Kaoru: Reiko  (http://gk-reiko.deviantart.com)
Hikaru:  Decadence  (http://koshinaka.deviantart.com)
Haruhi: Kaika (http://elpheal.deviantart.com)
Video: Decadence

One of the very random videos we took during our very fun Ouran host Club shoot last September. I seriously think my Hitachin twins were damn gorgeous!!!!

And, I wasn’t deliberately trying to look so pissed in the video. I was trying to act like how Haruhi ought to (kinda zoned out and bored maybe? ) but I accidentally rolled my eyes and it got recorded ahahhaa. But reiko and Decadence were so cute lahh~~~

Should I upload the videos we took at Mac Donalds? Hitachin twins nomming on Macs xDDD



Luneth: Kaika  (http://elpheal.deviantart.com)
Arc: Cvy  (http://cvy.deviantart.com)
Ingus: Decadence (http://koshinaka.deviantart.com)
Refia: Reiko  (http://gk-reiko.deviantart.com)
Video : Reiko
Edit: Kaika

Hahaha Reiko helped us took this video last last year (2008) when we went for our Cameron Highland Cosplay cum Holiday trip. I can’t remember how it started but….I think we were trying to take pictures of us flying kick in mid air. But failed desperately, so we moved on to video for better capturing ahhaaa.

I was a little bored when I did this video as can be seen from the very negotiable quality. Had wanted to add the Caramel Dansen song to it but figured it wouldn’t work, so yeah.


Anyone wanna see Shana bully Yuji’s shoe xD?


Unknown said…
Oh oh oh!!! I never did see much of the photos of the Ouran shoot after I left!! This is a treat!! *watches*
@Soh: AH!!! I KNOW WHO U ARE LIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS* XD
Unknown said…

Oooooops... You can go back and reread all my comments now and go OH IT WAS LILI CHE~~~
Oops =X I didn't noeeeeee your blogger profile didn't say also~~~~~~~~~

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