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Okay, this is not a video pimp (at least its not out yet xD). But just thought I’d help spread the words for #WorldCosplay’s upcoming Cosplay Documentary.

Yeap, someone’s thinking of filming a Cosplay Documentary =) I hope the website has more information but alas it doesn’t have much so I can’t really say anything more. But nevertheless, its still an exciting project to support and keep a look out for =)

Words from the people themselves =)

On May 2nd, 2010, at 11am, Cosplay: The Documentary will be officially kicking off its production days!
We'll be starting in Orlando, Florida and making our way across the United States, interviewing cosplayers and visiting conventions!

Be SURE to look for us at:
Anime Next

and [funding providing] Anime Expo, for your chance to make it into the film!
Visit our website: [link] ! Keep checking back for updates as well! We could be coming to your city!
And be sure to check out the Support Shoppe - it's the only way we're able to fund the project, through your support!
All-in-all, it's a cause for celebration! Thank you to the powers that be for helping this first production weekend take place! Also, special thanks to Full Sail University!


Visit their website here! I’m sure the wait for the video will be a long one but let’s all look forward to it! I’m sure it would be awesome xD


These two other cosplay documentaries I'm aware of currently in North America.

Cosplay Cosplay ! A Documentary about Costuming

I believe they're still in production on this one.


Leaving Mundania

Leaving Mundania is screening at AnimeNorth

check them out !
Cosplay In America: Wow thanks for the links. Will cheeck them out soon =)
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