How I made my SnS Alastor Necklace

First off, let me declare that this is not a full blown tutorial. I didn’t take much pictures during the making of the necklace and I definitely won’t be doing another one soon. So, this would just be a short entry to share some tips and insights for people who are interested in making one themselves.


 Materials Needed:

  1. Coloured Wires (Silver & Gold)
  2. Gem
  3. Wire Cutter
  4. Adhesive Foil
  5. Pen & Paper
  6. Clear Scotch tape

Firstly, if you don’t have a gem and wants to know how to make one. I suggest you watch this video I made.



After you get your ‘gemstone’ (or maybe I should call it ‘Alastor’ xD), trace the outline of the gem on a piece of paper.  The purpose of tracing the outline of the gem is to give yourself a visual guideline on how to bend and sculpt your wires later.


The frame of the necklace is made with coloured wires I bought from daiso. They were manually twisted with my trusty fingers and wire cutter.

I didn’t managed to get silver coloured wires so I had to paint over my gold one afterwards. If you managed to get the wires in 2 different colours, then for the main frame, you should use the silver coloured one.


Above is a picture of my wire (which is half sculpted) stuck to the paper with a traced outline of my gem.

The key here is to use the tracings on the paper as a guideline and bend your wire slowly along the line. To make this process more manageable, at every step of the way, I stuck the sculpted part of the wire onto the paper with clear tape. This is to make sure that my wire will follow the outline nicely and I won’t have to struggle with slipping paper or wire. This is a process you should proceed slowly and carefully =)


I don’t really know to describe how I did the ‘frame’ of the necklace so… you guys will have to try and figure that part out from the photos.


P1060385 This is how the wires looked from below.

Twist the wires as needed and when you are done with everything, stick the adhesive foil onto the back.

P1110745P1110748 P1110751P1110752

Here are some pictures of my pendent’s very ugly backside (oops, pun not intended xD) This is how it looks like after I stuck the adhesive foil onto it. The main purpose of the adhesive foil is to prevent the rough ends of the wires from scratching it’s wearer. It has a more domestic than aesthetic purpose.

Alright, this marks the end of my sharing entry. Hope this entry was insightful enough to give you guys a head start =) Comment if you liked this entry ^_^!


Photo credits: Geno/ Gilson


You asked if I like this Elpheal ^^... I LOVE THIS!! :D . I appreciate you taking the time to do this very much. It is very helpful.
jactinglim said…
I'm so glad you posted this :D I love your tutorials!
Sam Brecknock said…
How much of the glue stick did you cut off for this size?
Anonymous said…
you made it look so easy in the video ):
I tried it but couldn't get it ><
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
could you make one and ship to the u.s.a?

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