Axis Power Hetalia Day + Cafe!!!

I’m sorry I’m one day late in pimping this. But was busy last night and erm today. Today was a pretty bad day and I haven’t felt so upset for some time. Oh wells…life’s like a box of chocolates yea =\ ? Anyway *palms forehead*, sorry I digressed =_=

APH Fans out there should already know this but YEAY APH Day is coming! And team Singapore have come up with one of the most moe-est (?!) way to celebrate!

World Hetalia Day Celebration 2010
23rd October 2010
Location: Yio Chu Kang Community Centre (nearest MRT Yio Chu Kang)
Time: 11am to 6pm

Photo credit: Songster69

Bianco Sweets Cafe you say?
Yes we have officially merged the Hetalia Cafe (that has been lurking around for a rather long time ahahaha) with APH Day this year so as a side attraction to the actual celebrations you’ll be able to sit down and have a leisure chat with the countries serving as waiters and waitresses OvO!
… of course, I’ll leave more details about the cafe to the Cosplayer Crew and the Cafe Team to disclose. C:

As for what’s going on for the day itself, it’s the usual mix-and-mingle for Hetalia fans with game booths and activities going round the whole day! Bring along a sketchbook and exchange books with fellow artists, come along in cosplay, sit around and contemplate the meaning of life (!?)…

Remember to check out the official website to keep up with all the updates! Also check out Songster’s Behind-The-Scene writeup, its filled with lovely photos I know you’ll enjoy fufufufu.

Photo credit: Songster69

I’m not a APH fan but this event sure has given me some motivation and excuse to continue watching beyond 2 episode of APH! And I’m definitely going to the cafe to show my utmost support to the organiser, maid and butlers!

Anyone of you going ^_^?


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