APH giveaway results 2

Hi Guys! I know I already announced the result for this giveaway previously. But the selected winners both did not contact me so I’m selecting two other lucky peeps =)
The 2 lucky winners are :
  1. Annie May (happygoluckyichigo)
  2. Becca ( XLunaFlorX@aim.com)

I’ll be emailing the 2 of you shortly for your mailing address ^_^. If either one of you don’t reply me by 30th November, I will just send everything to the one who replied first =)


Natalie said…
aww I wanted to win :C

I'm happy for the winners tho!

If they don't want them ill take them ; A ;
jactinglim said…
haha now we have a taker :D

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