Hong Kong Halloween Treats: Day 3 (Sino Centre & Food!)

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And the final day of our lovely trip T.T. It was a really lovely day! We took the train to Mongkok and just walked around. We headed for Sino Centre, the Mecca for Hong Kong Otakus but alas, it has not opened yet!
P1140904 P1140943
This was what we saw…
P1140920  P1140915
Every shop was closed =(. So we just walked around to ‘recce’ the area and see what was being sold before the crowd comes.

P1140908 P1140909 P1140910
Had nothing to do so we camwhored xD

And we walked past  'Heng Hiong' the famous Wife Biscuit franchise store.

P1140944  P1140945

I've heard much about Hong Kong's Wife biscuits and was tasked to bring a box back.but when I first bite into the biscuit myself, I was so touched by the taste that I decided to lug 4box back! Mind you, 4 box weighed like 2kg!
The white lotus filling was so soft, chewy, sweet but not diabetical. The pastry outside was warm with light flaky layers. It was really awesome, especially when eaten fresh.

And with the kind suggestion from the aunties at Heng Hiong, we hopped over to our next destination.

P1140951 P1140961
A dimsum/ cantonese restaurant called ' Dao Xiang'. And there, we finally had some authentic Hong Kong Dimsum!!! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

P1140973 P1140975
Siew Mai with an entire prawn and some fish roe on top!

Roasted Pork bun.
Didn’t try any of this but Hiyuki and Jason were swearing by it’s good taste.

Crystal buns of 2 different sorts
Fresh and succulent. The one with chives in them also had a slight tinge of salted fish *_*

Steamed Soup Dumpling
Of course, who can forget every chinese’s favourite Dim Sum, Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Soup Dumpling)!

  P1140972 P1140981
Sesame Balls
Some sort of fried glutinous rice balls with white lotus paste inside. Fragrant and not overwhelming sweet! The crunchy and fragrant sesame seeds really adds a lot of punch.

Chinese tea!
Guess what? I got a floating tea leave! That symbolises good luck ^_^

Pan fried Dumplings!
Akira, don't you just envy us xD?

Random Photos below!

Rochelle’s camera gears. Flickr screen wiper!

Liked my outfit that day though sadly, no pics of it.

Everyone taking photographs of the food xD!

  P1140971 P1140965

The food was good and fresh though the tea at 'Kuang Tong Xiao Chu' (our dining place the night before) was much more fragrant. But overall, the place was still nice and reasonably priced. The waiteress there were very helpful too !

Would definitely love to check the restaurant out again if I ever visit Hong Kong in the future. My only regret was not eating more =(

But I had to leave space for these!

P1140997 P1140998
I think the heart shaped one was ordered by yours truly. Its mango pudding with mango slices, mango sauce and ice shavings. The treat on the right was by Json (if I remember correctly) which was a blend of black glutinous rice and mango cubes.

Hiyuki and Jerry’s very luxurious dessert. Mango pudding with bird nest!

P1150002 P1150003
Pudding has mango cubes inside :DD

Yes! Mango desserts at the famous 'Shui Liu Shan' !!! The franchise only opens after 12pm.

After gorging ourselves with food, it was finally 2pm and we rushed back down to Sino Centre!

Sino Centre boast 5 level (I might have gotten this wrong, anyone who has been there before can help verify the among of levels it has?) many Anime, manga and games selling shops.  Definitely an otaku haven and no otaku's trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit here! CTMA was another otaku haven which we didn't managed to check out, someone please fly me back to Hong Kong T.T !!!! I wanted to visit the maid cafes!
Vocaloid CD with keychain and plastic card of sort.
 P1140936 P1140934 P1140929
Arashi shelf! The price of a single shocks me O_O

One thing about the mall though, was how VERY cramped it was. And it can be difficult to find what you want because the whole place is just SO overwhelming!

One thing you can do (taught by Rochelle), is to visit the mall before the stores officially open and the crowd comes in. Then you'll be able to have a mental note of the items sold there and just hit the specific stores when they open.


 P1140939 P1140940
Saw and took photos of these really cute Tohou Mastercard before the shops opened. Had wanted to get one for you guys but I got so lost in the mall that I ended up leaving without finding them again T.T 

So another tip, write the store name and level down! Otherwise you'll end up as clueless as me x.x

The store in question. According to Jason it was at the top level

 P1140926 P1140922
Paper 3D art! Yes, that elf lady warrior is made of paper!

P1140916 P1140927 P1140932 
Random Chinese tea advertisement. Is funny xD

Gravure idols merchandise =x

Katana Umbrellas


Bought 2 gashapon APH figurines! Gave them to gin n-n

Sadly, this marks the end of my lovely Hong Kong trip. We had to rush back to the hotel around 4+, leaving Jerry behind alone.

P1150018  P1150031
Our ride back :D

This marks the end of my very fabulous and rushed Hong Kong trip T_T! I wanna go back again!!!


caillen said…
*drools all over your dimsum and mango pudding* I want ;o;
cvy said…
the dimsum look so goooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

andylau's advert lolol

kowtow to the paperart elf m(_ _)m
Jerry said…
Thank you for spending that day with me, I miss you guys already! T-T

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