Hong Kong Halloween Treats Party: Day One Video!

The Winners list
- Hiyuki (Singapore)
- Jason (Singapore)
- Kaika /Elpheal (Singapore)
- Akihiko (Malaysia)
- Akiraceo (Malaysia)
- Rochelle(Philippines)
- Jerry Polene (Philippines)
- Yuki GodBless(Thailand)
- Jiaki (Thailand)
*Edit: Oops! Sorry had some error there! Yukigodbless is actually from Thailand, not Philippine ^^;;;

Yes, the file finally uploaded and you guys should totally commend me for being so hardworking xD

This is the holiday video from Day One of my sponsored Hong Kong Halloween Treats holiday. Which again, was sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Animax. Much thanks to them for organising this wonderful trip and giving me the chance to experience Hong Kong for myself.

It's really queer and heartwarming to rewatch all these footages. Especially the ones of us on the bus from the airport to the hotel. It was the first time we all met but we bonded almost immediately!

I was actually quite nervous about meeting everyone prior to the trip because everyone seemed like such mega stars! And I was afraid we wouldn't get along, which would totally sucked being stuck in a foreign land. But we did get a long. And it felt really heartwarming to have each other around.

Especially thanks to the Singapore participants Hiyuki and Jason who I hung out with the most. It was really nice to hang out with them and I definitely look forward to getting to know more about them, in Singapore haha.

And remember what I mentioned about how this trip totally made up for losing the WCS selection round 3 times? Yeah, its because of free and easy itinerary like this and the lack of competition pressure.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and leave me a comment okay??


Ying said…
jactinglim said…
yay 3 winners from PH!
ying: XDDD Go again ba!

Jac: OOPS! Yuki is actually from Thailand! I don't know how I screwed up there x-x;;;
Laurie said…
Yehey! It's so cool that you brought a light with you. I often forget to bring lights and my videos at night turn out horribly. BTW, I noticed you spelled incorrectly. The cosplayer from the Philippines is Jerry Polence, noticed you spelled it as "Polene."
Ky said…
wow...cool!!!! i want go there next time! Yukigodbless is my favourite!
i'll wait the 2nd day vid^^
AmiiKitty said…
I enjoyed your videos and promotions very well, how do you notice/know about cosplays like that and why did you go to Hong Kong? It's my wish too, to have a trip with other cosplayers... Great! :D
nekochik said…
Kaika I loved all the videos :'D
Laurie: oh shit oTL...........

Kyoko: I won the Hong Kong trip ^^; http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.com/2010/10/imma-going-hong-kong.html

Nekochik: aww thanks for the comment!xD
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had quite a bit of fun! :D

Just wondering, what was the song you used when on the bus(?) on the way to the wishing tree?
Anon: The song is "Manazashi Daydream" by Yuu Sakai =)
Anonymous said…
Ooh. Thank you! :D
Jerry said…
Thanks for the link love!XD Will share this on FB.^_^

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