Hong Kong Halloween Treats Party Tour: Day 2

(Read Day One report Here)
Rise and shine, day two begun! As I slept really late the night before and being the sleepy head I am, I was the last to the breakfast table ( we reached our rooms around 12+am, by the time I turned in, it was already past 2am)

After a very satisfying breakfast (Kowloon hotel's breakfast variety is love !) I went straight back to my room to prepare. And I spent at least 20minutes ironing my entire costume. Long time readers would know, my most hated household chore is ironing! I really dislike it =.= .

Anyway, digressed.

 image image

We all met around 12.15pm at the hotel lobby and then got ferried to the event location! Which was really just a stone's throw away but because YukiGodBless and Jiaki had massive costumes, we all got a bus to ferry us instead. What luck xD!

Upon reaching, we were then led to level 9's allocated changing room where a few of the performers were already preparing. We met Chaumet there !

P1140712 P1140714

We were then briefed by the Animax team on the itinerary for the day while we continued to prepare ourselves.

It was one of the best part of the trip because everyone gathered together at the same place and helped each other. Watch day 2 video to see more!

With Rochelle from Magnetic-Rose.net
Very lovely lady! Being with her makes me feel safe haha. Like a big sister who is so knowledgeable and worldy.

P1140721 copy  The pretty Jerry Polene from Philippines. Yes, she’s that beautiful in real life xD
Guess who xD?

The event location was set inside the humongous Harbour City shopping centre. The actual event area was pretty small but I felt it was enough.

And even though the area was small, the scale and programs were not!

 P1140737  Alodia getting surrounded by the Photographer’s wall

P1140734 P1140838
P1140748 P1140792

Animax and the Hong Kong Tourism Board had very thoughtfully set up a list of programme to entertain the crowd. Ranging from cosplay competition, dance performances, lucky draw contest, tarot reading and Halloween make up booth to Cantonese Seiyuu live dubbing and singing performance by Hong Kong singers. There wasn't an empty slot on stage! 

P1140736 P1140742 P1140777  
The lady in white is live dubbing a female character from XXHolics.
Hiyuki’s fan asking for her signature :D

At the back of the stage. Jiaki getting interviewed by the media with Alodia meditating in the foreground :D

P1140744Hiyuki & I
P1140760 copy
Alodia & I

P1140746 copy
Akira & I. 
Censored his face since he always censor his own face in his blog xD

Cosplay performance/ competition
AKB48 Cosplay and dance performance

jacky tam Photo Credit: Jacky Tam

All the invited Southeast Asia Cosplayer and Bloggers were also given a certificate on stage!


A representative from each country was then invited on stage to share the cosplay and Halloween culture over at their hometowns. And at the end of the interview, each representative was then invited to draw the lucky owners of some giveaway prizes such as figurines.

Alodia was then invited to pick the grand prize winner who walked away with a PSP.
P1140814 copy
Yukigodbless and Jiaki resting their souls



Met this bunch of awesome Vocaloid Sandplay cosplayers. They are a really beautiful bunch with equally beautiful costumes! Also love how friendly they are =) BTW, the Kagamine Len is Chaumet from Animax.

P1140812 copy
P1140813 copy They are so pwetty >w<
P1140815 copy
P1140828 copy This group of Final Fantasy cosplayers are from Guangzhou (if my memory serves me correctly>.< ). Their weapons were really impressive!!


Met 2 cosplayers who are part of this community of “Cosplay Ambassador”.  They are an inspiring group of people who bridges communication between Cosplayers and Organisers. Their objective is to promote a healthy Cosplay culture in Hong Kong and facilitate the smooth running of the events.

The first Cosplay Ambassador we met. He was so cute! His eyes were movable!

After that, we were treated to an awesome dinner at this Cantonese restaurant by the nice people from Animax. A very nice Cantonese restaurant beside the bay xD

The dinner time was another highlight of the entire trip for us. Because it was the only time everyone sat down at the same table. And we all decided to write down our contacts and short message for each other on the restaurant's paper.

We also made use of the rotating circle on the table to film this

After the fabulous dinner, we headed back to our hotel, rapidly changed out and cabbed over to Temple Street! 

Something funny happened during our short stopover at the hotel.

You know how you always end up telling your travel mates that you'll let them know your plans again. But you go back to your individual rooms and realize, you forgot their room number! Yeah, that's what happened. Going up the lift, I told Akira I'll contact him again. Only to realise I don't know his room number at all! And I don't know his real name either so when I called up the front desk... you can figure out how embarrassing it was @.@

P1140852P1140854 P1140864 P1140861

Anyway we cabbed over to Temple Street which is a night market selling mostly ornaments. Similar to Bugis Village in Singapore.Sadly, the only thing I bought there was this magnet.

 P1140870 P1140871
P1140873 P1140872

After that, we randomly popped into a dessert store and tried their mango dessert.

   P1140879 P1140882
LOL at store Assistant eyeballing my camera xD

P1140876P1140875 P1140880
Spooky Menu !

Not wanting the night pass over so quickly, we starting strolling around. We walked to the tower, took some photos and then walked back to our hotel!

P1140885 P1140888 P1140886 P1140895
Outside Cartier. That white hoodie is Jerry btw.

It was Halloween night so walking along the business district (or probably more like the clubbing areas) we saw a lot of party goers waiting for their ride.

P1140903 And we walked to the famous Clock Tower!
Yeah, my feet were dying by then haha. But the lovely company made the whole experience so enjoyable. I almost didn’t want the night to end >-

Much apologies for the lousy photographs, my camera don’t work well in low lights T_T. Video to come soon! Stay Tuned!


Unknown said…
Beautiful girls and beautiful costumes, so glamorous!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a FUN event! Wish singapore have such events : cross fingers : great blog entry!
akiraceo said…
I miss you guys!! it was so fun hanging out with u guys..T3T
caillen said…
sounds like an awesome fun time all around *_*
Jerry said…
Wow I wish I took as much picture as you did.@.@ Thank you for compliment. For all of you out there, Kaika is really PRETTY in person too!XD It was fun hanging out with you guys, I prolly would have just stayed in the hotel if you didn't take me along. My trip was so much fun because of you guys. Thank you so much!^_^

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