Like what I said on Facebook, The trip was awesome, Hong Kong Tourism board and Animax were awesome, event was awesome, other countries' participants were awesome, companions were awesome, meeting Alodia was awesome and wife Biscuits were awesome!!!


This trip totally makes up for losing the WCS competition 3 times! xD

Give me some time to do the entry and edit my gazillion load of photos and videos T_T. Can’t do them as fast as I ought to due to work and the sudden realisation that AFA is next weekend!! And I still have not finished editing our performance video….why am I always the one to do all the media work?!?!? *grumbles grumbles*


Anonymous said…
Awesome! So happy to see you having so much fun at Hong Kong! Ganbatte!!!
Laurie said…
Yehey! I was a bit shocked that the blog entry was short but I guess with AFA coming up, you would be in crunch time XD Hahaha

I found a picture of all(not so sure on this one) participants. Alodia posted a photo in her FB and it seems everybody enjoyed themselves.

Will wait for your longer blog entry about the trip and since I can't watch you perform at AFA I'll hopefully manage to go to SGTCC ugh...the convention on 12th of Dec.
jactinglim said…
gah I still haven't finished my sword and guns! >_<

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