Comic Fiesta 2010 (Day 2)

Comic Fiesta day 2 photo pimps!
I’m sorry I didn’t managed to have as much photos as I should because my camera battery decided to die on me so it got very difficult to take photos T_T. In the end I had to resort to using my Mobile phone. There were so much eye candy, I really wanted to stab myself for not bringing my battery charger along (lazy) oTL.
An as my return coach was 7pm, I didn't find it wise to cosplay. So I was in plain clothes on Sunday and was definitely surprised when people recognise me O_O. Much thanks to all who said hi and please continue to support TCC  ^_^!
We took the Monorail to the event hall on day2 and experienced the insane Malaysian public transport culture.
There were a lot of teenagers in t-shirts like these. With prints on their collars and the collars turned up.
Dragon Ball! I love old school cosplays even though I'm not a fan of the series. Cha-la-head-cha-la!
Akihiko and friend as Kaito and Miku
Someone had this big paper tank prop. I wonder what series its from o_o
Very kawaii Len & Rin!
Very impressive prop *_*
OMG, Shuui, Min, Ying, Look! Nintama! They seemed busy so I didn't approach for a photo =(
He was in a rush when I approached him but he still kindly posed for me ^^;
A very good Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Very good weapon! Would have loved to get more/better shots of him but the event hall was TOO CRAMP!
Kawaii girls from K-on. Sport anything special ^_^?
Misaki Maid Sama!

Super cute BLEACH cosplays >.<!
Very cute pair of Suzaku and Euphie!!!! I was so happy to see them T_T. Pretty costume coupled with pretty faces and hair !
I kept thinking in my heart "OMG! the two of you are finally togatharrrr!!!". Fan girl much yes oTL
Now that I look at it, the Euphie looks like Sakana Sashimi. Anyone knows?
Kagamine Len and Rin, Boss Death version.
With Zoey who was the Malaysian representative or AFAXRCC!! It was nice to meet her amidst the crowd and I'm so glad she recognised me ^_^! Didn't get to meet Chris though D:
Zoey cosplaying as Yui from K-on. Christmas version!
Vampire Knights
So sweet right >w<?.
Personally I think she did a pretty neat job with her make up. making her look almost Caucasian from far.
I had a photo of him holding a pair of panties but my stupid camera battery died and didn't register that=_=
Chizurus from hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan!
With Kazeki's awesome Beast from Kuroshitsuji
Ciel from Kuroshitsuji
I thought his umbrella prop was pretty well done
191220102752's mascot, Mirai Chan!
Yes, the APH fever burns in Malaysia too
Yes awesome wings O_O. It was so big she had difficulties just walking and needed 2 minders to help. Sadly, these are the only photos I have of her awesomeness=_=
SUPER CUTE Gintama Okita! Okita and chibi Okita! They were blood sisters so its easy to understand why they look SO ALIKE.
The best freaking Radu I've ever seen. We met him while waiting for the lift and it was SUPER crowded. The costume was VERY well done and he looked really good *_* Bishie face with awesome makeup. Photo don't do him justice at all =(
And this ends my photo collection from Day2. There were so much more awesome cosplayers but my dying battery life really stopped me from taking photos of them T_T. SHall remember to bring extra batteries next time!
Spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at Sungei Wang Plaza with Faizul, Maria, Peggy, Zephyus and ZY before we rushed off for our coach.
To sum my entire CF trip up, the event area was really cool with many side rooms/alleys and at a very strategic prime location. I would say, having the event at such a prime location definitely helped foreigners like myself in planning our trip and better encourage travelling down.  But I guess the turn out of the event this year probably far exceeded the organiser's expectation. And in turn, yes, the event area was VERY cramped.
Also, I think Malaysia have prettier girls and bishi-er (Handsome) guys than Singapore =( . Any non-Malaysian on this with me?
p/s: They also have a lot of pretty...em  boys. *points to 2nd pic*

Okay, I know I shouldn't annoy you guys with this but I'm taking part in a 'Smiling' competition now. And the most voted contestant will win herself a trip to .... *drum rolls* JAPAN !!!
So please pop over to and click on the 'vote' button! You can vote once daily and I found out that each different browser can vote once! (So if you have Firefox and IE you can vote twice a day!). You DO NOT need to login or sign up for anything ^^
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Jerry Polence said…
Dang... I should go bishie hunting there!XD If you would wish to make uber wings like that, I'll help you.^_^ Thing is, the best type of feather around to use for wings are turkey rounds, and those cost ALOT. O.O
Anonymous said…
The Euphy cos-er is indeed sakana sashimi~ ^^
VerSION said…
Hello~ THANKS FOR THE LOVELY PHOTO..MIND I take some for my blogs?
I'm the one that cosplay with (big watch)" the impress props"LOL

Ashukar V. said…
OMG! Just love the One of Euphie and Suzaku too! so pretty~ ( ; o ; ) <3
And love the girls with big wings too, so cool! :O!
cvy said…
the radu cosplayer does look great!! damn now i really wish i was there orz
magnetic_rose said…
... hey, isn't that MIKU cosplayer JAMIE from our HK shindig? :DDDDD

and if not errr i need new glasses :DDDDD
Jerry: Sigh I'll never dare dream of doing wings like that >.<

Annon: ah~ thanks for the info! no wonder the euphie was so pretty!

The Version: Hey glad you liked the pics =)! go ahead and use it however you like. Awesome prop btw =)

Jac: thanks!!

Asakura: Yes >w< Its nice when you see someone cosplay the characters you like or in this case, want them to be together >.<

Cvy: yessss apparently they had an awesome Trinity Blood team that day

Magnetic_rose: Lol yes she is xD but we're supposed to call her Akihiko when she cosplay =x

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