Cosplay & Dressmaking pattern website!

You guys will love me Open-mouthed smile I found an awesome website and Youtube channel that focus on teaching you how to make costumes and normal clothes! It is called “Usako’s Sewing Studio”.

Youtube Channel:

List of Cosplay Costumes pattern & instructions:


Japanese traditional top (Suika)

Sailor Suit Uniform


SailorMoon Sailor Suit


Axis power Hetalia (France)


How to sew a fastener

How to make a vest


Laurie said…
Usako, I love her site. I follow her on YT and everytime I need to sew zippers I have her videos loaded on YT.
Kim said…
Bookmarked!! Have you ever done any parts of Yuki's costume from Vampire Knight? :D Would love to see a tutorial on that!
Laurie: YEs she's pretty awesome !

Jac: :D!

Kim: Nope, I'm not a fan of vampires ^^;;;
reyu said…
... I LOVE you, Kaika.
Thank you SO MUCH for this!
Ryuuzaki-chan said…
Hello Kaika ^-^ first of all, let me tell you that I really like your blog and cosplay *.* and of course, I like your blog because your tutorials are so helpful :3

Well, I'm a cosplayer from Mexico, I have a blog about tutorials, where I've shared some of your videos, but I was wondering if you would allow me to translate to spanish some of your written tutorials in my blog; of course you'd get all the credits n_n

I hope I didn't make you dizzy haha @_@ you rock Kaika!!! >w<
Ryuuzaki: Sure =)Would appreciate if you link back to this site with the banners in my "About" page ^^
Ryuuzaki-chan said…
Ok!!! Your banner is in my links now :D thanks a lot!!! n__n
Deloris said…
Anyone do a Miranda Lawson from Mass Effects 2 costume before and have a pattern they would sell me....
AsixBreak said…
Can I just say I LOVE YOU for this???? I've been hunting cosplay patterns in the internet and all of them were for sale!!!! But this website is simply Generous and Amazing!!!!!! Thank you again for sharing this website.. :D
Firoz Khan said…
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