JAPAN EARTHQUAKE - "GENKIDAMA" Saves the world, please click!

Hey guys! Shueisha has put up 3 videos to help garner/earn donations for the Tohoku Quake victims.!!! Now you have no excuse to not help by watching all the videos below and spreading it to everyone you know to help boost the view count! It's that simple !

How it works is simple, the more view count = more money for the victims.

Please click Japanese ver.

By viewing this video, all proceeds will be donated to the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
The donations collected will be reported on "www.shueisha.co.jp" as well as
magazines published by Shueisha Inc.

The wallpaper, showing Akira Toriyama's message, is available for download below.

Please comment in English translated into Japanese.
The victims in Japan can read them.

Drgaonball "Genkidama" !

AKB48 supports japan!


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