1000 Paper Cranes, 1 Wish for Japan (Fundraiser Event)

In the upcoming SOY'C I am honored to collaborate with the Japanese Tsubasa Club on a fundraising project to aid the victims of the Tohoku Pacific earth quake. Inspired by the 1000 Cranes (千羽鶴, Senbazuru) legend and this, we have set out to fold 1000 origami cranes and frame them into a Japan Flag.


SOY'C (Cosplay Event):
9th April 2011 (11am - 6pm)
Be part of this meaningful movement by donating $2 during SOYC! Along with your donation, you will be given an origami paper to fold into a crane. Fear not if you don't know how to fold cranes, we'll be around to help =)

1000 cranes

The above picture is the visualization of your paper crane that will become part of a big big wish. So remember to set aside time and money for this very meaningful event this SOYC! I'll see you there!

Skip beat (103)

Go Japan! And Go Go Go fellow Singaporeans!!!
*All proceeds will go to the Japan Disaster Fund by the Singapore Red Cross Society. The flag will be gifted to the Japan Embassy in Singapore. 


On a personal note, I am seriously very excited about this donation drive.
Have you guys ever had a childhood dream come true before? For me, doing something good for the society has always been a big hidden dream. I know I know, you're going to start questioning why haven't I tried volunteering before and remind me of 'Flag Day' in school.

Fact is, like most modern adult, i find myself struggling in a pool of responsibilities, commitments and procrastinations. Yeah, I signed up for SGCares since last year but never found time to attend anything. I know they are not good excuses for poor time management but oh wells ... *floats away*

Anyway, back to childhood dreams. When I was young, I've always dreamt about how I can be an advocator of a good cause, be some Crime Fighter or maybe even do something cool like defending the weak against bullies. To put it short, I dreamt of a day, where the small and insignificant me will be able able to make a big difference. I guess you can see how my cosplay characters are usually selected xD

Come on guys, I'm sure you guys must have such dreams too!

I also grew up dreaming of being able to donate blood … but that’s one dream I’m currently happy I can’t accomplish ^_^;;;

Too many times in life we are placed in horrible situations without a choice and power to do anything. Which is why I treasure any chance for me to make a choice/ difference very much. When the typhoon swept across Philippine and the earth shook in Haiti, I was sad and I donated.

But this is the first time I've ever felt so affected enough to start a fundraiser. And I swear it has nothing to do with the possible delay in publishing of my favourite mangas =X

It was almost like there was a calling for me to start this fundraiser after I saw this amazing work. Everything just fell into pieces and I am happy to be able to, in a way, fulfill a childhood dream of helping people.

Alright, I’m sorry I rambled again. It’s 5am and I’m SUPER Sleepy. See you guys at SOY’C and remember to set aside time and money to visit the fundraiser booths at the event. Rescend and his team will also be having a fundraiser booth at SOY’C. More information when I get them !

Oh, and yes, I know my voiceover totally screwed up the video =(


Laurie said…
Nice job Kaika and friends and everyone from SG! My classmates and I have been having events and fund raisers as well for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami. We haven't reached the 1 million peso mark yet, but whatever small amount we can give is a big source of joy for all of us and a big help.

It was our sweat and blood which went into organizing, planning and executing so whatever we accomplish is truly an achievement. I hope this effort from SG succeeds.

I totally understand your "hidden" dream and I am also trying to fulfill this dream myself :)
viospace said…
Hi Kaika!
loved your idea.
it is really lovely.
will definitely head down to support! :3
I have re-posted this on my blog too.
hope it is ok! >.<

cvy said…
will be sure to visit!! (if u need help let me know too cos i'm not cosplaying!)

..and you have such a noble childhood dream, all i dreamt of was to become a mermaid, serious =_=
Unknown said…
I have to work on that day!! >_>

hope I can show my support in another way
Thanks for all the lovely comments guys! Really appreciate it!

Would love it even more if you'd help spread word about this fundraiser =) 1000 cranes is a bigggg amount >.<!

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