WWCPJ: The parcel have arrived in Singapore!

After more than a month of shipping, the parcel from Canada have finally reached Singapore’s participant; Inuran/ Ototsuki!!!

I’m sure you guys are familiar with her. Not only is she a famous Cosplayer, she is also my close friend and we did a tutorial video on making Vocaloid Earphones =D

Inuran/Ototsuki from  http://ototsuki.deviantart.com/

And I’m sure you’ll be wondering what took me so long to announce her name. That’s because well, I was hoping to do it after Bumbley (Canada) uploads the selection video . But I guess Bumbley’s is too busy to do it ^^ ;; …..

Anyway, I’m a little sad to break this but Inuran will be the last participant. Because as previously decided, June 2011 was the end of of this project >.<. I’m also afraid the disposable camera will malfunction after being exposed for a year.

But because I’m what you called a good-for-nothing and lacking in will power… I’m open for you guys to change my mind. Meaning to say, leave me a comment and tell me you want Inuran to send it to 1 last participant!


Hexlord said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
pivaxi said…
One more!! One More!! Mee!!! In Australia!!! One last trip to the continent that it never reached!!
Sese said…
me me me me me and you can get it back when you come here by October LOL XD
jactinglim said…
I'm rooting for Sese here! o/
Choco said…
One more! Please! It's wonderful this project!
Junko said…
MEEEE hoho, but i am in Singapore
Yuki said…
This is interesting :D

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