WCS 2011 Finals Video

*Edit: Added WonderCosplay (Korea)’s videos for WCS too. Their videos feature more close ups & panning!

Hi guys! It's been nearly a week after WCS 2011 ended in Nagoya Japan and I'm sure many of you are anxious to see how your home team performed. As much as I would love to embed each individual video, 17 embedded videos proved too “clutter-y” for a blog entry so I've put together a playlist instead.

Of course, I claim no credit for the videos. Much thanks to ACParadise and WonderCosplay for filming and uploading the competition performance for fans all over the world to enjoy!


* Click on the rectangle with 3 lines underneath to have the playlist appear and jump videos.


Teams/Country performance sequence:

    1. Spain
    2. Denmark
    3. Germany
    4. Korea
    5. Thailand
    6. Japan
    7. Mexico
    8. Netherlands
    9. Australia
    10. China
    11. Brazil
    12. France
    13. Finland
    14. USA
    15. Malaysia
    16. Italy
    17. Singapore


Kessy said…
I was looking like crazy for this videos, but only found the videos that de WCS posted (without the presentation audio D=)and Brazil preliminaries. Thanks so much for show this and the ACParadise for post them *O*.

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