AniSama Live - I'll Believe (Shakugan no Shana iii, ending song)

One of the best things to an Otaku, is listening to the songs of their favourite Anime sung live! Even better, is to see elements of the Anime being mixed into the performance.

This AniSama live performance of Shakugan no Shana Final’s 1st ending song, “I’ll Believe” by ALTIMA does just that!

The Shana Fan girl in me squealed when I saw so many of the dancers wearing the Shana School Uniform xD Then when Shana’s image came up on the screen along with Kugimiya Rie’s voice, I screamed along with the entire stadium XD

Does anyone know exactly which event is this from? Animelo or Anisama? The uploader wrote Anisama but my internet search seems to imply both are the same???


Neo said…
Animelo Summer Live 2011

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