Pink heads Cosplay (Photo Pimps)!

I haven't done these entry for a long time but I decided it’s time I bring them back! This is a focus blog entry on pink headed cosplay photos that I adore and would like to share.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos I scoured below and let me know if you like these kind of entries!

Take flight, Dragon by ~kazex

*More photos below*

Sakuraby *RainerTachibana

Oerba Dia Vanille IVby *B-eckiee

One of the cutest looking Vanille D:!

Oerba Dia Vanille IIby *B-eckiee

My name is Alisa Bosconovitchby *ringo-031

Vocaloid Magnetby *blurmage

111009by ~KareDaily *ringo-031

- Here I go - Ikimasu -by *ringo-031

According to the cosplayer, this photo is totally unedited. The blurry effect is done deliberately by the photographer. Awesome!

Guilty Crown : Departures ~ A love song for you ~by *thebakasaru

Very amazing photo by both the Cosplayer and Photographer xD. If you haven’t noticed, both the characters are done by the same cosplayer!

Saya Takagiby =KiraHokuten

Loving the strobe light effect . Very intense shadow but yet very nicely illuminated face and expression.

Lukana Octo - Venomania no Ouyake no Kyoukiby *lollyt 

I’d love it more if the photo processing was closer to the original but still, this is a lovely photo. I love her pose *_* Very beautiful legs and figure Open-mouthed smile




Momoyamo said…
Woah, such pretty pinkies!
Like these kinds of posts a lot!
Laurie said…
Oh my...I am so into pink hair...and pink wigs! I didn't realize but most of my wigs are pink! Why?

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