Otome Yokai Zakuro (Photoshoot with Kira hokuten)

And I realise, I have not uploaded any of the photos from this set, well, except for like 2 pictures.

This set of pictures was taken by the awesomesauce Kira Hokuten when we visit Philippines last Cosmania 2011. It was an awesome experience and I’m very thankful to Sese & Kune for being my Ganryuu and Agemaki <3!

Read about my experience here & here !


Alright less talk, more photos!

Photos by:  :iconkirahokuten: 

Zakuro:  :iconelpheal:
Agemaki:  :iconkunebitt:
Ganryu:  :iconsuigeneres:
Hanadate:  :iconpresencez:




“Ther… there are spirits floating around!!”


“ Please accompany me to the toilet ~~ Don’t gooooo~~~”


“ I didn’t know which you prefer so I got the plain ones. I read that Yokai likes to eat Candles, right?”


I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Remember to leave a comment and tell me which is your favourite!


DEARX said…
this has got to me my favorite costume you've worn so far and I just love the expression and composition on the photos *u* especially for one shot at a convention! Those tend to be more challenging in finding the right places to shoot. Great job to the cosplayers and photographers! :D
Momoyamo said…
Woww, you guys just jumped out of the series!
I also love your make-up!
yoshino said…
You are Cute !!

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