Product Review: 2B Skirt Ready

Slightly more than a month ago, a Marketing Executive from 2B dropped me an email to invite me for a beauty product trial. I was pretty surprised at the offer since the content of my blog has nothing to do with beauty and fashion. Then I went on to read the articles and marketing resources she attached and found out that 2B is actually a pretty esteemed slimming product that has received much attention. A bit of search on Google showed that this product has been around for a fair bit of time.

So I scoured through their products list and my eyes lit up.

My main reason for participating in this trial is simply because, like any normal girls around, I have parts of my body that I'm conscious and not satisfied with. Please spare me the sugar words and don't accuse me of trying to phish for compliments. There is NO girl on earth that is entirely confident with her body. And if this product works, I'm SURE many of my female readers would be as excited as me >w<!

To cut the story short, I decided to try out B2's Skirt ready lotion in hope of slimming my thunder thighs and butt. (ARGHHHHH PLS DONT GO AND LOOK AT MY PHOTOS SHOWING MY LOWER BODY NOW AG#%$&SGW&^@*)


This is what B2 sent me for try out; 2 tubes of Skirt Ready lotion.

According to the instructions, I am supposed to pour 3cm of 2B Skirt Ready on my palm and then apply it to the needed area. Gently massage from ankle to hip until fully absorbed. The instructions recommend me to use it after bathing and preferably once in the day time and once in the night time.

Try as I might, I never wake up early enough to apply the lotion before I start my long day but I was definitely faithful in applying the lotion to my legs every night. I usually squeeze a little more than 3cm, spread it evenly on my palm and then try to roughly spread it evenly from ankle to thigh. After that I massage the product into my legs using repeated stroke like actions from ankle to thigh.


The consistency of Skirt Ready is very light and smooth. It has a very nice aromatherapy/ spa like scent to it which makes it soothing to use. The good thing about the product is how instantly it gets absorbed and how smooth the legs feel after that. Like what the catalogue promised, it is really non sticky.

The catalogue also says that the ingredients inside Skirt Ready can help prevent the growth of leg-hair and soften hair-pores which in turn makes your leg hair grows back slower. I didn’t quite get to assess this attribute of it so I cannot really judge.

I took before and after photos of my legs and measured myself both before and after. Unfortunately for me, I don’t see or measure any difference =/ I’m not sure whether was it just me who had her expectation wrong or is the product just not working for me. Maybe I should have selected their “Tone & Shape Calve” instead, since that product seems to target fat burning more.

2B products are currently sold in Guardian Pharmacy.

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