Rondo of the Sun & Moon (photoshoot 2)

And so I had a “Rondo of the Sun & Moon” photoshoot in June (OMG WHERE DID ALL E TIME GO?!). Read my first entry with more write-up about the shoot here.


Special thanks to all the photographers and helpers involved that helped made the shoot such a comfortable and enjoyable one despite the humidity and mosquitoes! Also major love to my Miku, Inuran for being such a cute Miku Open-mouthed smile

Photos By: :iconzerartul: & Brian Lim
Hatsune Miku: :iconototsuki:
Megurine Luka: :iconelpheal:

Helper: Joel


Pimping Inuran as Hatsune Miku before I spam photos of erm…me =x Isn't she cute ^^? I think innocent and moe looking character suits her a lot =)



I’m sure many people will wonder how we achieved this dynamic picture. You might not believe it but this was shot with just me doing a 120 degree turn while holding my rapier. There was no natural wind, neither was there a helper to help me flip my wig.

The backlit light is a real sun setting but of course, colours is tuned in photoshop by Brian.


Zeratul made me look super tall here *hearts*


This marks the end of my photo pimp. I’m sorry I talked so little, the photos silenced me XD Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the photos because they were a lot of hard work from both the Cosplayer and Photographers. Leave me an encouraging comment if you liked it XD!


Momoyamo said…
Ah such pretty pictures! Please come visit us in the Netherlands some time too!
Anonymous said…
These pictures look super good! Can see the effort of both cosplayers and photog to get a decent shot. ^__^
Rupyon said…
Kaika!! >u< cool!!!
Kaori Sohma said…
that was so awesome >w< mostly photoshoot have some trouble but when the result comes great we feel so happy ;w; Ganabtte ^o^
Unknown said…
wow your amazing Kaika!! love your cosplays, you can always tell the people who worked a lot on their cosplays and people who just threw them together. Your work is always the best. ^^
Unknown said…
Unbelievable! You are such an inspiration and so beautiful!!!!!

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