Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2012 (Day 2)

2nd day of STGCC and I was at the venue by 10:30 because I had an interview with Piko at 10:45am !

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Piko is a full fledge professional singer with a vocal range that I look up to. Unlike the other guests I've seen so far, this guy has a lot of people around him. His manager,  his caretaker, his music director etc. 


So I was definitely a lot more nervous to interview him. Everything eventually turned out great though and Piko is a very cute guy. Yes cute in a near diabetic way hahah xD 

Interview entry with Piko will come separately. The audio is horrible but would you guys want to see the video I took of Piko? 



Saw the Hot Toys sculptors from South Korea in the Media Room too! As Piko was the last interview I had, I was free to roam the event after that.


On-the-spot Caricatures! The 2 guys looked really happy to be sitting there xD




Some of the Artist booths at STGCC.


Spooted Enishi in his super super awesome Diablo 3 costume. The whole armour /costume looked so good and tidy! And guess what? the tail can move! Here he is without his ‘head’ because he is preparing for the Cosplay Fashion Walk.


Dragon Nest Cosplayers


Tristan Eaton’s Booth. IMG_2846

He was working on his 2nd canvas we\hen we were there. Caught a candid picture of Reiko asking him if this is a new art piece xD


Super limited edition of Mickey Mouse sculpture by Tristan Eaton. Made of solid resin xD

Time for some figurine loves!


Iron man 2! The details in this is so cool *__*


The head attachment with a staring pair of eyes. Creepy even though you know it’s harmless LOL


Captain America!


Nick Furry from Avenger. The entire Marvel booth was filled with awesome figurines like these but it was SO HARD to take a good picture of them! The light underneath helps to build a glowy display but the camera picks it up as backlight and in turn, makes the figurine super dark.




The Bat; the hovering craft in The Dark Knight Rises. The 2 big propellors on either sides of the craft even moves and makes a howling sort of sound !!


Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman! alarmingly realistic.


And of course, the bat. I mean the Batman figurine modelled after the movie version of the hero.


The Tumbler! Hated the antagonist in DKR!


The enthusiastic public snapping away at the display.

IMG_2870STGCC this year has incorporated more gaming activities for the Gamers to engross themselves in. There is the Tekken Tag Tournament that anyone can just sign up to take part in and just keep fighting until someone beats you off XD

The whole process is also streamed on the LCD TVs hung around the booth. 


Itsuki Cosplayer versus Troll Face xD I don’t know which one is more amusing LOL.



There is also a cool Dragon Ball game that works with Motion detectors. You just stand in front of the screen and wave your hands around appropriately xD


At another end of the hall was more gaming hot seats!


Saw a gamer with a Miku plushie on his chest xD


Electronic Arts and their showcase booth.


Superman plushie xD Look at his beady eyes!


And then it was time for Piko's mini concert !  


The live started with a short interview with Piko and the Emcee. Piko then went on to perform 3 songs. Obviously , Sakura Ne being one of his most popular songs was the most well received. Ok ok, maybe it's just me because I'm bias towards the song xD 


He then ended off with Make my day, opening song for one of this season's newest anime; Binbo-gami ga!. I believe like me, the crowd had a lot of fun at the chorus part. Go check out the song if you've never heard it before. It makes you happy xD 


My second favourite booth at STGCC; Nescafé booth xD ! Can someone bring Milo in next time xD ???


The highlight of day 2 would be the Cosplay Walk that everyone looks forward to. I'll probably get flamed for saying this but personally I prefer a Cosplay Competition over a Cosplay Walk .

The good thing about a Cosplay Walk is it's ability to give a lot of cosplayers the  chance to strut their hard work on stage. A chance for everyone to showcase their effort and get some due credit for their dedication.


But for me, while there were some spectacular Cosplay Walks by some Cosplayers, it was still generally a little bland and lacking in hype. Not because the cosplays itself were mweh but because you don't know what to expect next.

And of course, a solo Cosplayer walking around posing can't possibly be more entertaining than a pair or group of them coming together to tell a story ( skit ) right? No hating here guys, I'm just being the objective commenter I've always been.

Do you prefer a competition or a simple Cosplay Walk? Or do you think STGCC should organise both next year? Comment and share with us! You never know, your opinion might just get realised next year!


I'm sorry if the photos from the Cosplay Walk is lacking in variety and lustre. It was hard to zoom and focus clearly on a moving subject. I was not allowed to enter the special area near the stage because according to the staff, only selected Media representatives can access that spot. It wasn’t made known to us whether we were considered “special” media representatives or not and I admit, after such a long day, I didn’t quite have the energy to bother anymore. So I just gave up and spammed my zoom function.  


And this marks my day 2 experience at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention 2012. It was an awesome experience and being a media representative to such a well organised event has opened up my horizon.

I remember telling Reiko on Saturday that the event was so cool it’s making me dread Monday already! I guess when a form of entertainment( event, concert, movie, stage show, etc)  is successfully done, it will let you escape from reality and recharge your zest for life. I wish more people can understand the need for humans to constantly be excited and invigorated.

Anyway, I am thankful for the chance to meet all the awesomely talented guests and I hope the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention will thrive on! IMG_3003

I hope to see even more Eastern pop culture representatives next year. I also hope they will bring some Japanese Voice actors in again! Please bring Kamiya Hiroshi next year so the event can cater to the *coughfinanciallycough*  powerful fangirls XD!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog entry. Remember to leave a comment and share your opinion about STGCC ^_^


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