STGCC- Media Preview 2012 (Photo Gallery)

The Cosplay Chronicles had the great honour to be invited as one of the supporting blogs for the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention this year. And in line with that, TCC had the chance to be at the Media Preview held at the Marina Bay Sand’s meeting rooms.


I had the opportunity to interview Tristan Eaton, Leinil Yu, Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun. Individual interview with these inspiring personalities and talents will come progressively so look forward!

Interview with Tristan Eaton is up already so click here to read more!


Had the chance to talk with Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun during the Media break and I apologised to them in advance for the difficult questions I intend to ask them later xD


I gave them my name cards and they very politely accepted that piece of nonsense xD Touya Hibiki is bowing to me here. As expected of a Japanese ne xD? I look freakin ugly here I know =(


Surine said…
That must've been so exciting!! I absolutely love the pictures :D
A-M-Y said…
Stop saying you're ugly, cause you're nooot!! xD And I'm so jelly you got to meet + talk with Touya and Yun >o<

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