(Advertorial) Are you ready to flaunt like a shooting star?

A few months back after the OMY Blog awards, I received an email from a company called Skinhub. They shared with me that they were going to start a Beauty competition soon and invited me to be one of their exclusive blogger.

I won't lie, I thought it was spam :x

IMG_3426 edit

I couldn't stop myself from wondering why is a Cosplay Blog invited to be part of a beauty challenge? I mean, Cosplay is so ... Sub culture. Then the representative from Skinhub explained that she sees a connection between the theme of the competition and Cosplay; the readiness to become shining stars.

While I'm not sure if every cosplayer is looking to become the next top model or not, I think I'm not wrong to say most of us are ordinary people trying to do something extraordinary in life. And we happen to choose Cosplay as our mode of expression. 

I don't know about you, but being part of a Beauty competition is pretty extraordinary. I'd say the experience is worthy of a page in a scrapbook =)

By this time you’re probably confused about what I’m saying. Continue reading xD


Beauty Challenge 2012:
Skin Hub and I Models Holdings are collaborating this year to organize this first ever Beauty Challenge 2012 entitled “Be Ready To Flaunt Like A Shooting Star”. We are searching for females and males that are 18-35 who are ready to hit the spotlight, who are willing to take the step of transformation. We are ready to educate and train you to become someone much greater than yourself.

Are you ready to take the first step? Enter this Beauty Challenge 2012 and experience the transformation from head to toe. We are determined to bring out the beauty and confidence in you and show case to the world. You would be able to experience the thrill of endorsing for luxurious brands in advertisement. This is a chance like no other, so be prepare!

Pick up your courage and embark on this exciting transformation with us:
  • Professional Photo shoot training
  • Grooming and make over training
  • Modeling 101

Once you are ready, flaunt like a shooting star:
  • Act as an Endorser for famous fragrance & luxury brands
  • Appear in Magazine & SMRT Trains

Yes, it is payable application. But as someone who has been a customer of numerous Facial Salons, I'd say this a pretty good deal. Especially since the package includes a Make Over session with professional makeup artist and photographer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to hard sell anything here and yes I will get a bit of commission. But I advocate doing things only if you feel it is right and good for you.


I think the challenge is a good deal where you get actual facial services and modelling tips on top of a chance to be the face of an advertisement. If you were going to buy a facial package and you already dreamt of being a model then why not ?

Pop over to Skinhub’s website here to register if you’re willing to take the challenge. Registration closes 22nd November. If you make it to the Grand Finals, maybe I'll even get to see you there :D, yes the exclusive bloggers will be attending the Finals. Have fun ^_^!


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