Make a Circle Skirt & Bustier ( By SecretLifeOfaBioNerd)

Check out this awesome and very simple tutorial by SecretLifeOfaBioNerd on how to make a circle skirt! This is a very useful pattern to learn for Cosplays because a wide myriad of costumes can be made with it! Extend the length of the skirt and you can make a gown!

Circle Skirt Chart:

Also check out this Bustier top tutorial video! If you manage to master both of them then you can add the bustier to the circle skirt and end up with something that looks like a gown! In fact, that’s pretty much close to how I made my Shakugan no Shana Final’s White gown costume!

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Unfortunately and fortunately for me, I have yet to master Boning in Bustier and I am way too lazy to attempt it. But fortunately for me, I can get away without it even though I’m sure the costume would have looked A LOT better with a bit of structure =\

Anyway, remember to check out SecretLifeOfaBioNerd on Youtube and definitely click on the videos to check out the descriptions she have there. It will help you understand the drafting better! Hope this was helpful!

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