Ao no Exorcist Photoshoot

This entry is 2 years too late (HOMG WHAT WAS I DOING?!?!) but here’s some photographs of the awesome Ao no Exorcist photoshoot I had with Cvy and Ying in 2011!

Photo: Songster69 & Shuui & Richard
Okimura Rin: Cvy
Okimura Yukio: BanditYing
Moriyama Shiemi: Kaika 
Helpers: Endorphines & Amaegari & Dan

It has been way too long since the shoot so I’m finding it really hard to say anything about it. Henceforth, I’m just going to leave these wonderful photographs with you guys! Hope you will have as much fun looking through them as we had taking them!

If you’re interested to learn how I made my Moriyama Shiemi Summer School Uniform costume, visit this link.


Flames of a Demon King ::03 by ~Cvy


ANE: Nii-san's Bento by ~BanditYinG



AnE: Her heart by ~elpheal

I'm sorry if I scared you and Shiemi with this picture and Shiemi fans please don't kill me. This started off as a joke of me placing Ni-Chan near my eye and trying to act cool turned into a concept photo for all 3 of us.
Undeniably, this concept is so -not- Shiemi. But after so much effort from both :iconcvy: and :iconbanditying: in helping to adjust the lighting for this, I reckon I should put this up. I'll justify this concept by explaining it as an inner fear/ evil in Shiemi's heart. I look angry but really, I was trying to look scared=___=


Ao no Exorcist ::02 by ~Cvy

ANE: Lunch Time by ~BanditYinG


Makan Time ::01 by ~Cvy



ANE: Shiemi's Little Request by ~BanditYinG



Fun Fun Fun Fun ::09 by ~Cvy


LOLS at the top left corner picture of Cvy xD She was photobombing Yukio with Ni-chan and her epic expression xD


Raise and Fight ::10 by ~Cvy


ANE: _________________________by ~BanditYinG


Birth of Calamity ::08 by ~Cvy

And this super funny collage of expressions from BanditYing …. really have to salute her ability to laugh at herself xD

ANE: Omake Yukio Unglam Moment by ~BanditYinG


“ I swear I didn't do this on purpose! >_> Really sorry to all the fans!

Anyway *
Cvy sort of dare me to put all the unglam-me-photos up. Which I thought it wasn't a bad idea cause Yukio is too uptight. Hahaha =x

I was seriously laughing at myself when I got the photos and laughing like nobody business while trying to pick out all the "BAD MOMENTS". And this is not all, but I just want to keep it this way. There are some "Not So Bad" ones to balance off the "REAL BAD ONES".

I took me time to do this cause I can't stop laughing in front of my monitor.

I can't be bothered to colour edit the photos, so they are how they look like untouched. Even my pimple mark is there if you guys can spot.

And as you guys can read from the ugly handwritten message up there, yes I AM REALLY HUNGRY, CAUSE I HAVE SKIPPED BREAKFAST AND LUNCH preparing food since morning and after that I have to dump all the things in lighting speed in the bag and prepare for the shoot. And the photographers, =
songster69 & ~shuui didn't mentioned anything to "not to stop eating". Only occassionally told me to look up to their lens. Haha.

Really enjoy the shoot although the weather try to dampen us + my orz moment of knowing I forgot to pack my guns in.... But I tried to keep my spirits up! XD Cause Ao to me is a funny series. “


AOE: Hanky =songster69

Aiyo… the brothers are on such ‘close terms’ LOL.


AnE: Moriyama Shiemi + Ni Chan by ~elpheal


Again, hope you had fun browsing through the photographs! Remember to visit the respective cosplayers at their Deviantart and leave me a comment here ^^ /


pohcbSonic said…
It brings back good fond memories.
Oh youuu... you just fed me some fujo feels there ohohohohoho
fumiko said…
Great Photoshoot :3

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