Cosplay FML Moment #04

One of the reasons why I absolutely hate talking Cosplay to Non-Cosplayers/ Animanga fans.

Erza Scarlet cosplay 15 : DAFUQ IS THAT by ~LadyNoa

* After knowing you Cosplay, they immediately asks *

Person A : So what’s your most successful Cosplay?

Me: (thought to self: “ Dafug?!??! Why are you asking this?? Does it matter whether is it successful or not ? Cosplay is about paying tribute to the characters you like! It’s not a beauty pageant and I’m not trying to show off when I tell you I cosplay!

… And even if I tell you the name you wouldn’t even know! ” )

Me:  …. erm

Person A: *waiting for an answer*

Me: Erm…. –inserts random Anime/Manga name that are NOT Sailormoon or Dragonball -

Person A: …Oh I see.  *Obviously doesn’t know and probably doesn’t really care*

Seriously, is it JUST me TAT !? Share your experience with us in the comments section below now T___T!!!


Momoyamo said…
Ur absolutely right.
I don even try to explain anymore hehe
Mikky said…
haha i totally agree with you!!

I just started to cos and i absolutly HATE when ppl ask "why do u cos?"
I'm always like: "I do it cause i like it, that's why" is it rly so hard to understand? why do some think that we need more reasons?? X'D it's annoying
Rae said…
i mostly crossplay so when i tell people that, they usually react like 'whaaaaaatttttt, you a tranny?'
麗び said…
I have people asking me when is the next event?
When is my next cos?
Then I say something like Gintama, they don't even know =.=
They will give a blank face and try to ask again...
Got once, one of them even posted my picture to my religious whatsapp convo.... asking whether was it me.
It was so bad that I started creating a cosplay and a private account.
Now I do not want people who I meet in my daily lives to know I'm cosplaying.
I do not want them to see my as a cosplayer but as a friend. Not every topic about me is cosplay that's all.

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