Kaika, Write to me from Japan!

I will be going to Japan for 11 days starting next Monday (21st October 2013) and amidst my frantic touring arrangements, an idea came to me! ( actually I was inspired by another blogger xD )

write to me from japan 
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As a way to thank my dear readers who inadvertently helped made this trip possible, I'm going to kick-start this Postcard project called “Kaika, write to me from Japan!"

I'm not always the most sociable person but I really do appreciate each and everyone of you ! So if you would like me to send you a postcard from Japan,  just follow the instructions below. 

STEP 1) To win the merchandise, do either of the below …

STEP 2) Email me at elpheal[a]gmail.com with the email subject as “Kaika, write to me from Japan!” 

  1. Your Mailing Name
  2. Your Mailing Address (exactly as it should be written)
  3. Tell me where you follow TCC (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google etc) and your username
  4. Tell me a little about yourself! What things do you like, or if you have any places in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka would would like me to check out? This part is free play but what you write here will determine whether if you will get selected or not ^^

Deadline for this project is 28th October 2013. I’ll select 5 readers, maybe more to send postcards to ^_^! Readers will be chosen based on what they write but I’ll try to send to as many different countries as possible ^_^! Hope to receive your email soon!!!


Ashley said…
ahhh~~ Awesome! Writing the email now! Fingers crossed! <3
Elpheal aka Kaika said…
Ashley said…
I reeeaaalllyy love this idea~ <3 Omg my heart can explode right now :P

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