STGCC 2014 (Day 1)

With over 200 exhibitors, 160 Artist Alley participants, 119 product launches and 27 pop culture personalities from all over the world gracing the event; the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention this year is set to be known as the coolest event of the year.




Here’s my event report from Day 1!

I started my day with an interview with the lovely Lenneth XVII ! In case you don’t know, Lenneth is a Singaporean cosplay who have recently moved to America. She is a guest cosplayer at STGCC this year. Lenneth was a dear and answered all the questions we threw at her with passion and depth. She was cosplaying as Zero from Drakengard 3.


The interview will take some time to churn out so here’s a photo of Lenneth in her awesome get up!


IMG_0013 edit




Guess who we met outside the Media Lounge? Awesome Gintama cosplayers ahahha XD




Lenneth taking photos with her fans ^^




Then I escorted Lenneth to the Guest Lounge to rest. Check out the awesome space xDDD




And then the complimentary refreshments!




Check out what is in the mini fridge XD Yes, Tiger Beer LOL!



I had to miss Tomokazu Sugita’s panel because it coincides with my interview slot with Lenneth. So imagine my joy when STGCC announced that Tomokazu Sugita , Makoto Kedouin and Nao Shirahana will be having a creator’s panel in the later half of the day!




Many fans came dressed up as characters from popular Anime title; Gintama. Tomokazu Sugita is the voice actor for the main protagonist of the series.


The panel covered quite a few topics such as the guest’s impression of Singapore and their opinions on their profession. The panel also spotlighted on the game created by Makoto Kedouin and Nao Shirahana; Corpse Party - BLOOD DRIVE.


Corpse Party: Blood Drive


I missed Tomokazu Sugita’s panel but the feedback from many Sugita Fans was that the sound quality was very poor and you can barely hear Sugita. I found the sound quality pretty poor for this panel too even though I was seated 3 rows from the front. Hopefully the organisers can rectify this problem by tomorrow!


They opened the floor to 3 questions at the end. And being the shameless outstanding blogger I am, I waved frantically for a chance to be selected. Both Makoto and Sugita skipped me -_-|||| Perhaps they don’t like overly enthusiastic girls HAHAHAA. Eventually Nao Shirahana took pity on me and selected me to ask a question heheee. And what did I ask them?


I asked them “ What Animal with supernatural power would you like to be ? Please sing it out ” LOL. Troll kaika is troll! I’ll get a transcript of the panel out by next week so look forward to this blog for the panel entry!




For being such a shameless outstanding fan , I walked away with a Blood Drive folder signed by Makoto Kedouin himself! The dude was so nice he even bothered to hand it to me himself and allowed me to take photo with him ^_^


This marks the end of my “Kaika’s adventure at STGCC Day 1” story. On to the booths and exhibits! I apologise in advance that the entry below shall consist mainly of pictures because seriously, a picture speaks a thousand word no? Enjoy!




Being the latest Marvel movie to screen of recent, Guardians of the Galaxy exhibits took the spotlight this year with the adorable Groot and Rocket greeting the event attendees at one of the exits. The exhibit was brought to us by G&B Comics.




Aiyoooo so cute can >.<!








The Enterbay booth had a lot of figurines on exhibition. Most notably, this Mr Bean figurine LOL




SUPER FUNNY CAN? AHHAHAHAHAHAA! Ahhh Mr Bean was such a childhood friend ;)




The original robocop!




And surprise! Surprise! Chinese actor figurines from a movie about Fire Fighters! I see Nicholas Xie!




And Bruce lee san too !




Doraemon was here too along with the Shogakukan Booth! This booth is so much childhood nostalgia!










There was a graffiti corner sponsored by Sharpie. Such organised graffiti I thought!



Then I realise they were drawn by pros XD






The Star Wars dudes were also having a donation drive for the KK Hospital.


Fullscreen capture 792014 20920 AM.bmp


Apparently it was a “Shoot the Storm Troopers” activity to raise funds haha. I kinda pity the Storm Troopers cosplayers =X









There was a super adorable and size appropriate Plant Groot figurine at XM Studios! XM Studios is Singapore’s very own producer of limited edition premium statue collectibles and it has recently acquired 17 Marvel Premium Collectibles such as Ironman, Hulk, Captain America and apparently; Guardians of the Galaxy!




Oh! Check out who else was there; that’s Aza (Miyuko) and her friends from South korea. They came as normal event attendees this time but predictably got swamped hahaa. She actually looked very convincingly boy-ish!









Ironman and …is that a Peppers cosplay?




Drefan as a very convincing Thor!




Bucky from Captain America; Winter Soldier version!


I’m about to concuss now so please excuse me while I end my entry abruptly here to grab some sleep. See you guys at STGCC tomorrow (today actually)!


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