STGCC 2014 (Day 2 ) Cosplay Runway

As with the tradition of the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention every year; the hard work and talent of Cosplayers from both Eastern and Western Pop cultures culminates into a grand finale. The Cosplay Runway!




Lenneth XVII cosplaying as Makoto Tachibana (fire fighter version) from Free!


I have many photographs of the Event exhibits that I’m dying to share but before that, let me share these awesome Cosplay photos first. For the better good of the universe blog readers, I roped Nik in to help me with photographs this year. I took photographs of pretty much every cosplayer on the runway too but after I saw Nik’s photos, I decided to burn my HDD and pretend my photographs never existed in the first place -_-;  *silently weeps in a corner*



Aliga cosplaying as Kotori from Love Live!


I know every cosplayer wants to see photographs of themselves asap, so here goes nothing!




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