Comic Fiesta 2014 (Cosplay photo pimps)

I attended Malaysia’s biggest ACG event last weekend and was blown away by the scale the event has grown!



The event this year has expanded into the entire level one of KLCC Convention centre, occupying up to 6 halls and more !




Other than the usual Cosplayer and musician guests, Comic Fiesta this year also managed to invite the Game Producer; Hashimoto Shinji and Lead Game Designer; Wan Hazmer from Square Enix.






As you can tell from the event schedules, there was a lot to do and watch! The Square Enix panel enjoyed an expected full house.




These were the lucky bunch of fans who managed to at least get an air-conditioned spot to sit down while queuing to enter the ballroom. The queue that continued to snake outside the building were so long it was tiring even to watch.




The event also features up to 198 Artist booths that caters to all sorts of fandom and crafts! The prospering Doujin market in Comic Fiesta has always been the main attraction to me. I am someone who rarely purchases anything in Singapore event and you know what? Every time I visit Comic Fiesta, I splurge on Doujin merchandises!




This is my very humble loot collection xD





And looking at all these excited crowds, you know I’m not the only crazy one xD





It was also a great place to bump into friends amidst the chaotic crowd xD Don’t mind my slipping wig, Lyfa’s heavy ponytail was killing my head so bad that day.





A few Halls of commercial booths selling both products and services.






There was a surprisingly lack of Shingeki no Kyojin products and pictures but an over abundance of Sword Art Online everywhere.




I noticed something really cute on the heads of numerous event attendees and I asked one of them where all these white arrows hairclip came from. Apparently one of the commercial booths were giving these hairclips away in return for a free sign-up. Anyone who signs up with them gets a blank white hairclip which they can write whatever they want with a black permanent marker xD. What most of these guys wrote were hilarious and I took some pictures to show you guys.


The nice guy above has labelled himself a “蘿莉控”which translates to “Loli-con”. LOL SUCH OTAKU MUCH WOW >D





The 2 gentlemen above has 黑长直控 and  御姐控 written on their arrows. Both which I… have no idea what it means =( Anyone knows?





This mushroom mascot was so energetic and cute! Sorry for being such a noob but does anyone know what game they come from?





A small section of a Hall has also been set aside for attendees to hang out and it’s been termed the “Waiting Area”. Beside it is also an isolated space for Changing. Those 2 spots successfully turned that area into a Cosplayer and Photographers camping spot xD




Found my dear Cvy in the Cosplayers ‘Nua’ (relax) zone !




With Selina from UK



My hangout partners for the weekend; Sakana and Yuanie ^_^. Their Legend of Zelda cosplay is amazing!


Okay, now time for the Cosplay photo pimps! It was very difficult to shot in such a tight and crowded area, hopefully the photos don’t disappoint! Hope you guys will like it!




The event crowd was so overwhelming it was actually a little hard for me to bear. To regulate the crowd, Comic Fiesta has set up distinctive entrance and exits for attendees to use and you can only exit from the exits. While it was a good way to regulate the flow and prevent rogue entrances, it also made it very difficult for attendees to roam around freely. Once you enter the event arena, you have to walk through a few halls to reach the next exit, even if you only just wanted to say hi to a friend outside the entrance.


In the commercial halls, the crowd at some parts were so crowded you almost feel like you’re being pushed forward without moving hahah. Because of all that, and the fact that cosplay is always uncomfortable, I found myself totally uninterested to stroll around the commercial booths. I literally just skipped through them to get to the Doujin Artist booths and Waiting Room.


On day 1 I was doing the Sword Art Online series with Yuanie , Sakana and Raywing who were cosplaying Kirito , Sinon and DeathGun respectively. Lyfa was a very uncomfortable cosplay for me to wear in public, I can’t get used to the amount of flesh I needed to bare -_-;



Photo : Kenneth Low

dinuka jayasuriya

Photo: Dinuka jayasuriya


After my experience of the first day, I was really tempted to ditch cosplaying on day 2 since I was going solo anyway. But didn’t because… I had no more nice clothes to wear x



Photos : Ganjaninja Photography


I cosplayed as Mirai Kuriyama for the second day of Comic Fiesta. It was weird and stressful to cosplay at events after such a long hiatus from it. But I guess it’s nice to go back to something that you once did to understand why you started and ended it ahhaa. If I attend Comic Fiesta again, I don’t think I’ll cosplay for the event unless I have a team.


Hope you guys had fun at Comic Fiesta and hope you liked this blog entry. Tell me what you think about the event in the comments below =)


Linh said…
Gosh, it looks like you've had a lot of fun! I wish I could attend to con in Asia before I die haha. Your Mirai cosplay is super sweet! I also have a Mirai cosplay in the closet. It came too late for a con, so I have never used it yet huhu ; u ;

The cute mushroom is from a mmo game called "MapleStory" btw! n_n
Makoto.T. said…
The whatever 控 can be found on Baidu dictionary, I think. :)
One I think is for complex for girls with black, long hair. The other can be interpreted as "sis-con".
Nice report :) Do keep covering more events and cosplay too :)

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