Interview with Dat-Baka (Australia)

Datbaka is an Australian based Vietnamese Cosplayer. He is known for his dashing interpretation of numerous Anime and Games male characters. Dat was in Town a few months ago as a special Cosplayer Guest for the International Cosplay Days Singapore and  guess who got a chance to interview him?






Check out the interview i had with Datbaka below.







Dat comes across as this surprisingly sincere and appreciative person. The kind of person you feel like you can befriend at a Con if the both of you just as much as share the same fandom. Even though Dat-baka was obviously worn out after a long day of competition judging,  interviews and meet & greet session, he still pulls through the interview with a great smile and a positive attitude. He was also nice enough to oblige the request of filming a short "Hello" video to my friend too!


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