Anime in Taiwan

We don’t often think about Taiwan when we talk Otaku lingo. With Japan as the Mecca of Anime , every other land is outshone and not quite that prioritised for merchandise scooping. I went to Taiwan last June for a personal trip and was pleasantly reminded of Animanga’s prevalence and acceptance in Taiwan. Don’t mind my embarrassingly late revelations, it was after all, only my second trip in Taipei.




Instead of having some isolated streets or alley set aside  for the Otaku culture, it was happening right in the centre of Taipei City. And that was what took me by surprise, the prevalency of it in the MRT Taipei Main Station. Arguably, one of the busiest and most prominent train station in the capital of Taiwan.





Of course one can also argue that the sheer size of the Taipei Main station’s underground and surrounding malls is what enabled the city to allocate a portion of it’s prime estate to the Japanese pop culture. But really, I don’t see that happening in Singapore’s City Hall MRT station so i can only attribute this ubiquitous to the scale and spending power of Taiwanese fans. And the mall planner’s decision to set aside a corner for young adults and special interests.  There was a corner with a wall of full mirror and free water dispenser so young people can practise dancing there. Isn’t it heart-warming to know your government cares about your interests even though you’re not in the society yet?





It seems the Taiwanese mass is coming close to the Japanese’s acceptance of the 2D art. Using it to promote and illustrate products outside of the usual Animanga scope. In the photo above, the 5 anime girls are welcoming visitors to the “Food Corner”.




The kawaii cat mascots in the photo is welcoming you to the Taipei City Mall’s “Food Corner” and informing you this is entrance Y21.












Another example of the heavy Japanese influence in this area is the Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) the Mall seemed to be promoting.





Attack of Titan x Minions plushie inside a UFO catcher for 100 TWD if my memory serves me right. I looked on with intense yearning only to be smacked back into my senses by the reminder of my horrendous UFO catching track record.










There were also a considerable amount of Maid Cafes in this area!





My friend and I decided to try this Maid Cafe out then. This is a reminder that I really should be getting down to blogging about it soon. Comment and let me know if you want me to.







What’s more surprising is the fact that there is a Butler Cafe there! And it’s not just some randomly pulled together concept cafe, this cafe has proven itself to be long lasting. I should know, I’ve was there 3 years ago.






Spot the lady?





Sailor Moon Proplica available for pre orders!








I guess the most impressive would have to be this entire wall of Stein’s Gate promotional poster. We’re talking about minimally, a whopping 10 meter of wall graphic.






Bottom up.





And right back down again.


I suddenly miss Taiwan and feel like arranging a trip over for some sinful street foods and even more guilt tripping shopping! As a petite Asian girl, I must say Taiwan is the best place to shop as not only are the clothing and beauty products affordable (Currency exchange FTW!) , they are also the right size and style for me haha. Hope you enjoyed this photo journey, remember to comment and subscribe!


Otakitty said…
Oh man, that is amazing. If only we'd had any place like that in the U.S. Anime art and godos are still limited to comic book shops or only in conventions. I remember how amazed I was to see anime characters advertising all sorts of regular things in Japan. I was always tempted to take home some posters from the train station displays...
Thischic007 said…
Are there any anime conventions in Taiwan? If yes, where and when? That would be awesome to check out!

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