A slice of Akihabara (Photo & Video)

Having just left Tokyo a couple of days ago, the flashy colours of the Anime Mecca land still shines in my memory. While I didn’t spend as much time there this trip, I still came away with tonnes of Animanga photographs. Afterall, they don’t call it the Anime Mecca land for nothing !

Here are some of the photographs I took in Akihabara. Obviously (almost) every corner there is Animanga, but I chose to only show the more interesting pictures here.

Stepping out into Akihabara train station is like getting knocked in the head with Animanga media. The advertisement billboards are instantly dominated by Anime related products. When I was there, there were Steins Gate instalment and wall stickers set up to promote the upcoming game.

And then I spotted Free!

The Anime Plaza Cafe produced by ADORES

The line up of Free! characters standee. In case you’re wondering , no I didn’t step into the Cafe because it was entirely booked up. Anime themed cafes in Japan are almost always very exclusive. You not only need to reserve in advance, reservation is possible by ballot only. Talk about playing hard to get! You can see more of the cafe store front in my video above.

Ground floor of the building was a UFO catching store. And a Free! themed Kuji (Lucky draw) was going on. Each draw cost 620 yen and in case you hadn’t caught onto the the rules, it’s a lucky dip sort of game and you have no idea which goodie you’ll get.

I’m not a fan of Free! but my friend is so I reckon I’d get her something. I’m not really someone who enjoys gambling because I’m always so bad with luck. But for the fun of it, I decided to try.
And this is what I got.

It’s a Makoto Tachibana figure! Coincidentally, it was the merchandise that had drawn me to the Kuji table in the beginning! While it was a pity I didn’t get Rin (my friend's favourite character), I was told Makoto was probably a rare item since he is more popular. I might be wrong about the popularity ranking though, comment and tell me who is your favourite Free! character xD


Battle girls cafe??

Thie particular set up was inside Animate.


And the cutest Tsun tsun ever! Touken Ranbu Tsum tsums! I spent 500 yen on this and didn’t managed to get anything oTL

Mizuki Nana (Hyuuga Hinata’s voice) has a new album!

I personally think the most interesting products are those found outside of your usual Animate, Mandarake or everyday Animanga merchandise shops. Like the stuffs in Japanese pharmacies, Convenience stores or Budget shops.

Sailormoon Liquid eyeliner.

Love Live energy drink!

Kyojin face + head masks xD . This kyojin looks hilarious for some reasons, like he is smirking.

And then we have the Shingeki no Kyojin Milk Tea!! It was going for 40% less and I bought a Levi one for 100 yen. And it was delicious! If there’s anything that’s constant about Japan, it’s the fact that their Milk Tea always taste incredibly smooth, light and yummy!

In case you’re wondering, Mikasa and Hanji version was also available.

Gundam shavers. I don’t know why….

And star wars too…. Storm trooper razor anyone?

And in my opinion , the funniest one; Bath time Boyfriend. Assortment of lip balms face masks and bath salts designed to nourish and accompany girlfriends. Can’t decide if the whole concept and the accompanied pictures/text are pure ingenuity or absurdity. Probably a bit of both haha.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures & video! Apologies for the poor photo quality , didn't realise I was taking pictures at such low resolution. And then uploading killed the resolution further oTL.

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