Makeup Tutorial: Sailor Mars

In this video, I will be showing everyone how I transform into Sailor Mars from the classic Shoujo Anime/Manga; Bishoujo Seishi Sailor Moon!

Sailor Mars is the 3rd guardian seishi and she is protected by Mars! IMHO, Honoo Rei (Sailor Mars) is the coolest and most bad-ass character among the inner seishis (5 guardians). Other than Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars had always been a character I wanted to try. And I achieved that little dream through some laughable closet cosplay hahha.

The video took me forever to edit but I hope you guys liked it! Remember to comment and tell me what you think (especially the erm, ‘super advanced’ special effects hurhurhur)!

sailor mars thumb

Some of the key point for Rei’s makeup would be the upwards eyeliner, arched eyebrows, red lower eyeshadow and red lips.

I didn’t feel like red eyeshadow on the upper lids would fit this character so I opted to squeeze her signature red into the lower lashline. This helps gives a little colour while making the eyes look wider and healthier.

Instead of using tonnes of black or brown eyeliner and eyeshadow to line my lower lashline, I used some purple brown eyeshadow and black lower eyelashes to do the job. I think it helps to make the look dramatic but not too over the top. I also opted to use tinted lip balm with some red in the middle of the lips to create a gradient effect. I think this is a much more modern and easier to maintain lip.


Makeup used:


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